School of Art and Design

Applications accepted for fall only.      NYSED: 36131      CIP: 50.0499

The major in Spatial Experience Design prepares students for opportunities in spatial experience fields including careers in exhibition design, retail design, product display, events, stage and screen, brand environments and themed places and spaces. An internship is required. Curriculum below is for the entering class of fall 2022.

Semester 5Credits
MAJOR AREAVP 302 - Overview of Spatial Experience Design2
VP 303 - Space, Environment and Visualization4
VP 312 - Product Presentation - Small Scale2
VP 331 - Three-Dimensional Construction for Spatial Experience Design2
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see American History* G103
choice - see History of Art and Civilization*3
Semester 6
MAJOR AREAVP 304 - Brand, Spatial Experience and Retail Design2
VP 305 - Placemaking, Wayfinding and Environmental Graphics2
VP 306 - CAD for Spatial Experience2
VP 314 - Product Presentation - Large Scale2
RELATED AREACT 303 - Dynamic Branding2
ID 241 - Lighting Design I1.5
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see Other World Civilizations* G93
Semester 7
MAJOR AREAVP 400 - Portfolio and Careers in Spatial Experience Design2
VP 411 - Interpretive Exhibition Design2
VP 441 - Interpretive Exhibition Graphics2
choice - see Major Area Elective*1.5
RELATED AREAchoice - See Related Area Elective*3
LIBERAL ARTSEN 323 - Specialized Writing and Thesis Preparation3
choice - see Foreign Language*3
Semester 8
MAJOR AREAVP 412 - Senior Design Project4
RELATED AREABE 404 - Business for Visual Presentation2
IC 497 - Senior Internship: Career Planning3
choice - see Related Area Elective*1.5-2
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see Foreign Language*3
 Total Credits: 60.5-61

*Fall 2022 Requirements: See below.

Liberal Arts and Art History: 18 credits

  • American History: 3 credits. CHOICE of any course that meets the General Education American History requirement (G10)
  • English and Speech3 credits. EN 323
  • Foreign Language: 6 credits. Two semesters of the same foreign language, one of which must meet the General Education Foreign Language requirement (G8)
  • History of Art and Civilization: 3 credits. CHOICE of any HA course (for which prerequisites have been met) not previously taken or required
  • Other World Civilizations: 3 credits. CHOICE of any HA course that meets the General Education Other World Civilizations requirement (G9)

Major Area Elective(s): 1.5 credits (minimum). CHOICE of DE 234, DE 401, VP 401,  VP 404, VP 421, VP 431, VP 432, or VP 433 

Related Area Elective(s): 4.55 credits total 
Selective: 1.5–2 credits CHOOSE either ID 431 or CT 301 in semester 7 or 8 
Elective: 3 credits CHOICE of any elective course(s) in Art and Design for which student has met the prerequisite(s) 

Upon graduating from the Spatial Experience Design BFA program, students will be able to:

  1. Develop research techniques including trends analysis, brand review, interviews, and historical study.
  2. Master presentation skills utilizing reports, presentation boards, and multi-media.
  3. Manage the design process for a unique individual project from research, to concept, to final installation.
  4. Create physical and digital models of spaces, displays and details using a variety of materials and software tools.
  5. Develop techniques and methods for the placement and positioning of products and brands.
  6. Complete full fabrication documentation packages, including dimensioned drawings, and material specifications.
  7. Specify and research specialist and material support including lighting, props, and accessories in the development of fully realized displays and exhibitions.
  8. Create graphic approaches to environmental projects that include type, color, material, and methodology.