PO: Portuguese

PO 111 — Portuguese I

3 credits; 2 lecture and 2 lab hours

This introductory course enables students with no background in Portuguese to communicate with Portuguese-speaking people. The basic skills of speaking, reading, and writing in Portuguese are established and the cultures where Portuguese is spoken are introduced. Teacher-instructed multimedia laboratory sessions reinforce skills learned in the classroom.

PO 112 — Elementary Portuguese II

3 credits; 2 lecture and 2 lab hours

Second semester-level study of Portuguese language and of the cultures where Portuguese is spoken. All new grammatical, syntactical and phonetic skills covered in course lectures will be further developed in a multimedia environment.
Prerequisite(s): PO 111.

PO 122 — Portuguese Conversation I

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Students learn to converse in Portuguese by emphasizing interaction in real-world situations. Functional and practical verbal communications are addressed with a focus on the cultures where Portuguese is spoken. Although the focus is on communicating in spoken Portuguese, the course will also continue to build students’ writing and reading skills.
Prerequisite(s): PO 111.

PO 299 — Independent Study in Portuguese

1-3 credit

Prerequisite(s): a minimum 3.5 GPA and approval of instructor, chairperson, and dean for Liberal Arts.