School of Business and Technology

Applications accepted for fall only.      NYSED: 00565      CIP: 19.0902  

The major in Textile Development and Marketing prepares students for careers in sustainable fabric development and color creation for fashion apparel, home furnishings, and other related industry end-use applications. Students learn structural fabric design and quality assurance by working in industry-standard labs where they use innovative technologies to master professional equipment and software to turn ideas into products. Curriculum below is for the entering class of fall 2022.

Semester 5Credits
MAJOR AREATT 327 - Woven Product Development I2.5
TT 381 - Knit Product Development I2.5
LIBERAL ARTSEN 321 - Strategies of Business Communication3
MA 222 - Statistical Analysis3
choice - see Requirements*: Liberal Arts/Other World Civilizations3
Semester 6
MAJOR AREATT 313 - Textile Fibers3
TT 328 - Woven Product Development II2.5
TT 382 - Knit Product Development II2.5
LIBERAL ARTSSC 253 - Ecology and Environmental Problems3
MA 311 - Mathematical Modeling for Business Applications3
PL 300 - Business Ethics3
Semester 7
MAJOR AREATT 343 - Textile Coloration: Principles and Processes3
TT 362 - Textile Finishing - Principles, Practices and Advancements2
TT 456 - Nonwovens and Performance Textiles
  or TT 477 - Textile Converting and Costing
LIBERAL ARTSSS 242 - Microeconomics3
choice - see Requirements*: Liberal Arts/Foreign Language G83
choice - see Requirements*: Liberal Arts/Social Sciences3
Semester 8
MAJOR AREATT 055 - Total Quality Management for Textile Products Laboratory1.5
TT 455 - Total Quality Management for Textile Products1
TT 476 - Textile Project Development3
LIBERAL ARTSSS 443 - International Economics3
choice - see Requirements*: Liberal Arts/American History3
choice - see Requirements*: Liberal Arts/Foreign Language3
 Total Credits: 62.5

*Fall 2022 Requirements: See below.

Liberal Arts Requirements: 36 credits

  • American History: 3 credits. Any course that meets the General Education American History requirement (G10)
  • Economics: 6 credits. SS 242 and SS 443
  • English: 3 credits. EN 321
  • Foreign Language: 6 credits. Two semesters of the same foreign language, one of which must meet the General Education Foreign Language requirement (G8)
  • Mathematics: 6 credits. Mathematics Proficiency must be completed prior to enrolling in MA 222. Mathematics Proficiency must be completed prior to enrolling in MA 311.
  • Other World Civilizations: 3 credits. Any course that meets the General Education Other World Civilizations requirement (G9)
  • Philosophy: 3 credits. PL 300
  • Science: 3 credits. SC 253
  • Social Sciences: 3 credits. CHOICE of SS 334, SS 352, SS 353, SS 354, SS 356, or SS 374

NOTE: Students must have taken the following course prior to entering the program: SS 141

Upon graduating from the Textile Development and Marketing BS degree program, students will demonstrate:

  1. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: Students will describe the basic tenets of sustainability and corporate social responsibility and apply that knowledge to responsibly create products that instill a sense of ecology, economy, and social wellbeing.
  2. Product Knowledge: Students will employ assessment tools to evaluate business quality and meet industry recognized standards.
  3. Technology: Students will use technology to construct, evaluate and support the creation of fabric forming methodology, coloration, and chemical modification, and will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of their choices.
  4. Research & Critical Thinking: Students will use research, design, and implementation strategies to create products that are competitively priced and well positioned.