School of Business and Technology

Applications accepted for fall and spring.      NYSED: 20268        CIP: 52.1403  

The major in International Trade and Marketing prepares students for management positions in international trade and global fashion companies. Graduates pursue careers in global marketing, management, logistics, sourcing, compliance, customs, and licensing. Curriculum below is for the entering class of Fall 2020. 

Semester 5Credits
MAJOR AREAIN 312 - International Trade3
IN 313 - International Business Transactions3
LIBERAL ARTSMA 222 - Statistical Analysis*3
choice - Liberal Arts - see English*3
choice - Liberal Arts elective *3
Semester 6
MAJOR AREAIN 322 - Global Marketing3
IN 323 - Import/Export Regulations3
choice see Major Area Electives**3
LIBERAL ARTSMA 311 - Mathematical Modeling for Business Applications *3
SS 242 - Microeconomics3
choice - Liberal Arts Elective* 3
Semester 7
MAJOR AREAIN 433 - Global Sourcing3
choice - see Major Area Electives**3
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see Economics minor courses*3
choice - see Liberal Arts elective *3
choice - see Foreign Language*3
Semester 8
MAJOR AREAIC 497 - Senior Internship C: Career Planning
  or IN 492 - International Trade Practicum or Major Area Elective **
choice - see Major Area elective**3
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see Liberal Arts elective *3
choice - see Liberal Arts elective *3
choice - see Liberal Arts elective *3
 Total Credits: 63

Fall 2020 Requirements:  see below

* Liberal Arts: 36 credits 

  • Liberal Arts electives:  18 credits. Select Liberal Arts courses from the following subject areas: AB (Arabic), CH (Chinese), EN (English), FI (Film & Media) - any FI course other than FI 205, 261, 361, 461, 362, and 462FR (French), HA (History of Art),  HE (Health Education) 201, 301, IT (Italian), JA (Japanese), MU (Music), HI (History), MA (Math), MC (Modern Languages & Cultures), PE (Physical Education & Dance) 215, 216, 217, PL (Philosophy), PO (Portuguese), SC (Science), SP (Spanish), and SS (Social Science). 
  • English: 3 credits.  Choose from any 200- or 300-level English course
  • Foreign Language: 3 credits. Choose any Foreign Language (G8) course.
  • Mathematics: 6 credits. Mathematics Proficiency must be completed prior to enrolling in  MA 222 and MA 311
  • Economics: 6 credits. SS 242 and select one (1) course: SS 244, SS 339, SS 343, SS 345, SS 391, SS 394, SS 442, SS 443, SS 445, SS 446 or any other course designated for the Economics Minor See

**Major Area Electives/Practicum/Internship: 11 - 12 credits. CHOICE of four: IN 320324, 341, 342, 423, 424, 434, 441, 442, or 443 or choice of Internship IC 497 or Practicum IN 492

Evening/Weekend Option:
A four-semester evening/weekend option is available for this degree program (see Curricula Overview or visit the FIT website at The sequence of courses is the same as that listed on this page.

Online Degree Option:
The two-year online degree is designed to give students flexibility in earning a Bachelor of Science degree (see Online Degree Programs for additional information).
** NOTE: Students must have taken the following course prior to entering the program: SS 141.

Upon graduating from the International Trade and Marketing BS program, students will be skilled in the following:

  1. Professionalism/Ethics: Students will cite their sources of information in order to submit assignments for ethical assessment.
  2. Decision Making: Students will solve international trade and marketing business challenges and make decisions in the best interest of companies and stakeholders in the global fashion and creative sectors.
  3. Communication: Students will communicate effectively through accepted business practices associated with the fashion and creative industries.
  4. Technology: Students will use technology to complement and present their knowledge and ideas in the global fashion and creative business environment.
  5. Critical Thinking: Students will gather, analyze, differentiate, and evaluate information to make sound decisions related to key management issues.
  6. Global Perspective: Students will apply knowledge of the political, legal, ethical, cultural, quality assurance, transportation, technological, and customs issues as well as implement strategies associated with global trade and marketing.
  7. Management/Teamwork: Students will work independently and in teams, using leadership and interpersonal skills to complete projects and other assessment methods according to relevant business practices.