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Advertising and Marketing Communications BS Degree Program

...for positions in the communications industry in advertising...Promotion (3 cr.) ; AC 312 Multi-Channel Copywriting...

HA 312 — Women in Western Art from the Late 18th Century to the Present

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Students examine the role of women as creators and, to a lesser extent, subjects of art from the 18th through the 20th centuries. This course focuses on the contributions of selected women artists and touches on issues related to the depiction of women in Western art. (G7: Humanities)
Prerequisite(s): HA 231.

IN 312 — International Trade

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Introduces international trade as it is practiced today. Students learn how various industries have developed different international trade patterns and how the internet is rapidly changing this field. Focus is placed on international trade as an industry, professional opportunities, project management, intercultural skills, and technical trends in logistics and online research.