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Film and Media BS Degree Program

...50.0602 The major in Film and Media...Directors: FI 320 , FI 322 , FI 325 , FI...

Packaging Design BFA Degree Program brand design agencies, in-house design departments...of EN 266 , EN 322 , EN 325 , EN...

EN 322 — Writing in the Art and Design Professions

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Art and Design students analyze a variety of professional situations in order to create competitive marketing materials, persuasive presentations, and reader-appropriate correspondence. They also develop strategies for producing effective proposals and briefs through guided research and descriptive writing practice. Students develop strategies for using available technologies.
Prerequisite(s): EN 121 or ES 129 or equivalent, and any additional EN course.

IN 322 — Global Marketing

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Introduction to the research techniques and implementation strategies practiced in global marketing by the fashion and related industries. Students examine the major trends revolutionizing international marketing, the evolution of international companies into global firms, and the expanding role of e-commerce. The role of intercultural communication and negotiation styles in global marketing strategies is studied in detail.