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EN 121 — English Composition

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Students learn rhetorical concepts and apply them to produce various genres of writing appropriate to different rhetorical situations. They will use revision to develop texts through multiple drafts, edit work to produce polished texts, and reflect upon their writing process. Students will practice reading complex texts and using information technologies. (G1: Basic Communication)
Prerequisite(s): college-level English proficiency as demonstrated by placement test or completion of appropriate ES course(s).

ES: Educational Skills

...prior to EN 121 and/or ES 024 as a co-requisite of EN 121 .

Technical Design BS Degree Program

...EN 121 and any additional EN course must be completed prior to enrolling in EN...

Menswear AAS Degree Program

...Credits MAJOR AREA MW 121 - Menswear Design Studio...Textiles 3 GENERAL EDUCATION EN 131 - English Composition...

Fashion Design AAS Degree Program

...Construction II 2 FF 121 - Fashion Research Three (3) credits EN 131 meets SUNY...

Journalism Minor

...advisor for assistance. Minor Coordinator: Allison Leopold Prerequisites: EN 121 or equivalent