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VP 400 — Portfolio and Careers in Spatial Experience Design

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

This course examines the communication and digital skills required to create an identity and visual narrative to prepare for professional careers. In the class students will produce an electronic portfolio using a variety of digital platforms as well as specific print support. Students develop research and communication skills to pursue internship, career research, and professional networking specifically for the space and brand experience design field.
Corequisite(s): VP 441.

Spatial Experience Design

School of Art and Design Applications accepted for fall only.      NYSED: 36131      CIP:  50.0499 The major in Spatial Experience Design prepares students for opportunities in spatial experience fields, including careers in exhibition design, retail design, product display, events, stage and screen, brand environments and themed places and spaces. An internship is required. Curriculum below is for the entering class of fall 2024.

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