School of Art and Design

Applications accepted for fall only.      NYSED: 21881     HEGIS 1099 

The major in Computer Animation and Interactive Media offers students the opportunity to prepare for specialized positions in the computer animation and interactive media industries, such as character animators, game designers, technical directors, texture artists, modelers, motion graphics artists, website designers, and creative positions in interaction design. Curriculum below is for the entering class of Fall 2015. 

Semester 5Credits
MAJOR AREACG 314 - Programming Concepts2
CG 321 - Design and Authoring for Interactive Media II2
CG 341 - 3D Modeling and Animation2
CG 344 - History of Animation3
CG 346 - Principles of Animation I1.5
CG 351 - Storyboarding and Storytelling2
RELATED AREAIL 302 - Drawing for Animation I2
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see Liberal Arts Electives*3
Semester 6
MAJOR AREACG 322 - Interface Design2
CG 342 - Advanced 3D Computer Modeling2
CG 345 - 3D Computer Animation2
CG 352 - Music and Sound Design2
CG 353 - Motion Graphics2
RELATED AREAIL 303 - Drawing for Animation II1.5
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see Liberal Arts Electives*3
choice - see Liberal Arts/Art History*3
Semester 7
MAJOR AREACG 421 - Interactive Project Design3
CG 441 - Advanced 3D Animation3
CG 446 - Principles of Animation II1.5
CG 451 - Computer-Assisted Post-Production2
CG 452 - Music Production for Interactive and Animation Thesis Projects I2
CG 491 - Senior Project Planning1.5
RELATED AREAchoice - see Related Area Elective(s)**1.5-3
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see Liberal Arts/Art History* 3
Semester 8
MAJOR AREACG 422 - Interactive Production3
CG 442 - Animation Production3
CG 453 - Music Production for Interactive and Animation Thesis Projects II1.5
CG 492 - Senior Project3
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see Liberal Arts Electives*3
 Total Credits: 66-67.5

Fall 2015 Requirements:  See below.

* Liberal Arts: 15 credits

  • Liberal Arts electives: 9 credits. Select Liberal Arts courses from the following subject areas: CH (Chinese), EN (English), FI (Film & Media) - any FI course other than FI 261, 361, 461, 362, and 462, FR (French), HA (History of Art),  HE (Health Education) HE 201, or 301, IT (Italian), JA (Japanese), MU (Music) MU 202, 203, or 391, HI (History), MA (Math), LA (Liberal Arts), MC (Modern Languages & Cultures), PE (Physical Education & Dance) PE 215, 216, 217, PL (Philosophy), SC (Science), SP (Spanish), and SS (Social Science). See Liberal Arts Courses.
  • Art History: 6 credits. CHOICE of one (1) HA course that meets General Education Other World Civilizations requirement (G9), and CHOICE of one (1) additional HA course. See the full list of Art/Design History courses under HA: History of Art and Civilization.

**Related Area Elective (s): 1.5-3 credits
Course(s) in Art and Design for which student has met prerequisites.

NOTE: CG 211, 212, 213, and 221 or their equivalents must be completed prior to application to the BFA program.