2014-15 Catalog

Advertising Design BFA Degree Program


School of Art and Design

Applications accepted for fall only.      NYSED: 00594      HEGIS 1009

The Advertising Design program offers students the opportunity to prepare for careers as art directors, designers, and copywriters in advertising, public relations, broadcasting, marketing, branding, interactive media, and journalism.

Semester 5Credits
MAJOR AREAAD 381 - Advertising Concept Development I3.5
RELATED AREACD 371 - Advanced Typography I1.5
CT 321 - Print and Digital Production2
CT 371 - Introduction to Kinetic Typography3
AC 231 - Advertising Copywriting3
GENERAL EDUCATION/ART HISTORYchoice - see Other World Civilizations* G93
choice - see Social Sciences*3
Semester 6
MAJOR AREAAD 315 - Advertising Art Direction and Design I1.5
AD 382 - Advertising Concept Development II1.5
AD 383 - Communications Strategy Planning and Brand Campaigns3.5
RELATED AREACD 372 - Advanced Typography II1.5
CT 341 - Design for Screen-Based Media3
GENERAL EDUCATION/ART HISTORYEN 322 - Writing in the Art and Design Professions3
choice - see History of Art and Civilization*3
Semester 7
MAJOR AREAAD 415 - Advertising Art Direction and Design II1.5
AD 482 - Advertising Concept Development III: TV and Video3
AD 494 - Senior Design Project Research3
AD 466 - Advertising Design Senior Portfolio1.5
RELATED AREACT 431 - Introduction to User Experience Design3
GENERAL EDUCATION/ART HISTORYchoice - see Liberal Arts Elective*3
choice - see American History* G103
Semester 8
MAJOR AREAAD 467 - Advertising Professional Preparation1.5
AD 491 - Internship4
AD 497 - Advertising Student Competition1.5
AD 498 - Advertising Design Senior Project3
RELATED AREACD 322 - Design Process Technology
  or CT 411 - Design and Interaction
 Total Credits: 66

*Fall 2014 Requirements: See below.

FIT's Gen Ed courses are organized along the following categories: G1 Basic Communication; G2 Mathematics; G3 Natural Sciences; G4 Social Sciences; G5 Western Civilization; G6 The Arts; G7 Humanities; G8 Foreign Language; G9 Other World Civilizations; G10 American History. 

Liberal Arts Elective: 3 credits
CHOICE of any non-HA liberal arts course

American History: 3 credits
CHOICE of any non-HA course that meets General Education American History requirement (G10).

Foreign Language:
The General Education Foreign Language requirement (G8) has been waived for the Advertising Design major.

Other World Civilizations: 3 credits
CHOICE of HA 121, 221, 223, 224, 225, 226, or any other HA course that meets General Education Other World Civilizations requirement (G9).

Social Sciences: 3 credits
CHOICE of SS 231, SS 232, SS 237, SS 334, SS 385 or SS 396


AD 203 — Advertising Design and Layout

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

For Photography students. Application of design principles to photographic layout problems, in black and white and color, utilizing the student's own photographs.

AD 213 — Advertising Design Concepts

3 credits; 6 lab hours

Introductory Advertising Design course. Advertising problems are presented and students are encouraged to develop solutions that are original, unexpected and persuasive.

AD 216 — Foundation in Advertising Design

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

This course introduces students to the field of advertising design. Students are presented with advertising problems and develop appropriate solutions that are original, unexpected, and memorable.
Prerequisite(s): (for two-year Communication Design Foundation students) CD 215, CD 232, and CD 273
Co-requisite(s): (for one-year Communication Design Foundation students) PK 216.

AD 315 — Advertising Art Direction and Design I

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Students explore the relationship of art direction and design in conceiving and communicating a message for an integrated advertising and branding campaign. They use art direction skills such as critical thinking, conceiving, and problem solving to communicate a brand message and use design to convey that message.
Prerequisite(s): AD 381.

AD 364 — Digital Media Advertising

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

This course focuses on the new creative partnership in the field of advertising -- the interdisciplinary creative team. Students participate in a client pitch competition for a brand that is aimed toward an audience that was raised in a digital world and reached through the internet, and that utilizes various social media and other entertainment and communications options.
Prerequisite(s): AD 216.

AD 381 — Advertising Concept Development I

3.5 credits; 1 lecture and 5 lab hours

This course provides an introduction to the principles of creative advertising with an emphasis on conceptual thinking. It explores the legacy and history of the Advertising Creative Revolution from the early 1960s to today's Digital Creative Evolution that highlights the important role of the creative technologist and the call for a bigger idea.
Prerequisite(s): CD 217.

AD 382 — Advertising Concept Development II

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Students create outstanding and provocative advertising and refine their strategic thinking, art direction, copywriting, and execution abilities. With an emphasis on visual and verbal ideas, students work as a creative team to fully integrate art and copy.
Prerequisite(s): AD 381.

AD 383 — Communications Strategy Planning and Brand Campaigns

3.5 credits; 1 lecture and 5 lab hours

Students develop a strategy plan through research on target audience, customer satisfaction, competition, brand, marketplace, and the perception of prospects. Working from their creative brief, they develop an integrated brand campaign. (G6: Arts)
Prerequisite(s): AD 381.

AD 415 — Advertising Art Direction and Design II

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Students further develop their art direction skills by deepening their understanding of creative advertising principles and strategies to communicate a brand message with a sound idea. They execute that idea with a more disciplined understanding of how each design decision makes that message more vivid.
Prerequisite(s): AD 315.

AD 442 — TV Studio/TV Ad Concepts

3.5 credits; 1 lecture and 5 lab hours

From concept to broadcast, this course offers students the hands-on experience of making a 30-second television spot.
Prerequisite(s): AD 382.

AD 464 — Senior Portfolio Design

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Students prepare cohesive portfolios, reflecting their own individual design aesthetic, in preparation for careers in graphic and/or advertising design.
Prerequisite(s): AD 494 and (for Graphic Design students) GD 411.

AD 466 — Advertising Design Senior Portfolio

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Students prepare cohesive portfolios for their advertising internships, and prepare for interviews and networking opportunities.
Prerequisite(s): AD 315
Co-requisite(s): AD 415.

AD 467 — Advertising Professional Preparation

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

This course prepares advertising design students for entry into the advertising profession. Students develop resumes, cover letters, personal presentations, and portfolios, as well as specific materials required for the industry such as agreement letters, invoices, and estimates.
Prerequisite(s): AD 466.

AD 481 — Art Direction

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Development from concept to design of highly finished comprehensives. The role of the art director is considered, including time management, production procedures, and working with photographers, illustrators, and other industry suppliers.
Prerequisite(s): AD 383 and CD 372.

AD 482 — Advertising Concept Development III: TV and Video

3 credits; 6 lab hours

Simulating the actual stages in developing advertising for TV and the web, students participate in the process of concept development, storyboard creation, completion of preproduction books, production, and postproduction with professional editing software.
Prerequisite(s): AD 382.

AD 491 — Internship

4 credits

A 12-week internship in the field, scheduled individually for a minimum of 168 hours at the worksite and 12 hours on campus. Provides follow-up review and assessment of the work experience through instructor/student conferences.
Prerequisite(s): AD 466 or AD 494.

AD 494 — Senior Design Project Research

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

A comprehensive study of the research methodology needed to write a thesis, including collecting and analyzing data. This thesis will become the basis for the Senior Design Project the following semester.
Prerequisite(s): CD 372, EN 322, and (for Graphic Design students) GD 312.

AD 495 — Senior Design Project

3 credits; 6 lab hours

In an independent study format, analyze, organize, and execute a senior design project resulting from the senior design project research paper completed in the prior semester. Format provides further opportunity to develop personal voice and communicate original visual messages.
Prerequisite(s): AD 494 and (for Graphic Design students) GD 411.

AD 496 — Advanced Advertising Design Workshop

3 credits; 6 lab hours

Entries for national and international student design competitions are produced, resulting in exposure to the design and advertising industries. In addition, actual advertising design projects presented by clients are introduced, affording the opportunity for client contact and creation of professionally produced material for a portfolio.
Prerequisite(s): CD 372.

AD 497 — Advertising Student Competition

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

This course focuses on advertising-related student competitions, both national and international. Submissions consist of work in different advertising media channels, with real timelines and briefings.
Prerequisite(s): AD 482.

AD 498 — Advertising Design Senior Project

3 credits; 6 lab hours

In an independent study format, students use the thesis they developed in AD 494 as background research to prepare a communications strategy plan for a brand of their choice. They then execute a senior design project of an integrated brand campaign incorporating three media channels.
Prerequisite(s): AD 494.