School of Art and Design

Applications accepted for fall only.      NYSED: 00753       CIP: 50.0605

The major in Photography and Related Media offers qualified students a chance to prepare for positions as photographic studio assistants, corporate or advertising photographers, or entry-level entrepreneurs in fashion, illustration, and still-life photography. Curriculum below is for the entering class of fall 2022. 

Semester 1Credits
MAJOR AREAPH 132 - Introduction to Light3
PH 141 - Creative Approaches in Photography1
PH 152 - Photography 1: Introduction to Photography4
RELATED AREAFA 118 - Fundamentals of Design for Photography2
ART HISTORYHA 112 - History of Western Art and Civilization: Renaissance to the Modern Era3
GENERAL EDUCATIONchoice - see Requirements*3
Semester 2
MAJOR AREAPH 153 - Photography 2: Photographic Techniques3
PH 172 - Photographic Post-Production2
RELATED AREACG 121 - Applications of Social Media2
choice - see Related Area Electives*2
ART HISTORYHA 243 - History of Photography3
GENERAL EDUCATIONSC 132 - Color Science for Photography3
Semester 3
MAJOR AREAPH 251 - Photography 3: Advanced Photographic Solutions3
PH 275 - Digital Media Techniques3
RELATED AREAVP 211 - Styling, Prop and Set2
ELECTIVEchoice - General Elective1.5
GENERAL EDUCATIONchoice - see Requirements*3
choice - see Requirements*3
Semester 4
MAJOR AREAPH 252 - Photography 4: Project Development3
PH 253 - Traditional Photography2
PH 265 - Professional Procedures/Contemporary Trends3
RELATED AREAchoice - see Related Area Electives*2
GENERAL EDUCATIONchoice - see Requirements*6
 Total Credits: 62.5
*Fall 2022 Requirements: See below.

FIT's General Education and Art History Requirements for Art and Design Associate Degree Programs:

  • Three (3) credits from each required area, totaling 9 credits: G1, G2 and G3 (SC 132
  • Six (6) credits from two (2) different areas in non-HA liberal arts courses in G4–G10
  • Three (3) credits of any 200- or 300-level English literature or speech course
  • Six (6) credits from Art and Design History courses: HA 112 (3 credits, required for all Art and Design majors), plus HA 243

FIT's Gen Ed courses are organized into the following categories: G1 Basic Communication; G2 Mathematics; G3 Natural Sciences; G4 Social Sciences; G5 Western Civilization; G6 The Arts; G7 Humanities; G8 Foreign Language; G9 Other World Civilizations; G10 American History.

See list of Gen Ed approved courses under FIT's General Education Requirements and Courses.  An FIT Gen Ed course cannot be used to meet more than one General Education area.

Related Area Elective(s): 4 credits (minimum)
Students may take any available course in the following departments: Accessories Design, Advertising & Digital Design, Advertising and Marketing Communications, Communication Design, Computer Graphics, Creative Technologies, Entrepreneurship, Fabric Styling, Fashion Design, FX 261, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Home Products Development, Illustration, Interior Design, Jewelry Design, Menswear, Packaging Design, Textile/Surface Design, Toy Design, Spatial Experience Design.

Upper Division Alternative(s):
Graduates of this program are eligible to apply for admission to the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs in Animation, Interactive Media & Game Design and Photography and Related Media.

Upon graduating from the Photography and Related Media AAS program, students will have a well-rounded education and will have achieved the following outcomes: 

  1. Speak and write about photography in a critical way.
  2. Analyze historical imagery and its relationship to contemporary media.
  3. Develop a workflow for processing, archiving, and editing images using current software.
  4. Use a professional level digital camera effectively.
  5. Solve challenging photographic problems by controlling natural, continuous, and strobe light sources. 
  6. Construct a body of thoughtfully designed, well-crafted photographs based around a central theme or exploration.
  7. Formulate a plan to market, promote, and price their work in the photography industry.