TY: Toy Design


1-3 credit; 1 lab hour

TY 101 — Introduction to Toy Design

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

This introductory course is designed for students interested in exploring the area of toy design. Students learn the design and invention process, as well as effective ways to visually communicate concepts for toy products. Some drawing skills are needed.

TY 313 — Soft Toy and Doll Design

3 credits; 6 lab hours

Designing plush toys and dolls from research and development, concept creation, sketching, and patternmaking, to prototype construction and presentation. The study of materials, manufacturing techniques, packaging, and industry requirements, as related to toy design, is stressed.
Prerequisite(s): TY 326.

TY 314 — Professional Practices in Toy Design

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

This course combines studio work, discussion of trends, consultation with industry professionals, and presentation practice in order to strengthen students' design and marketing skills and develop portfolios to address the needs of the job market. Work focuses on specific design categories according to individual needs.
Prerequisite(s): TY 326, TY 327, TY 352, and SS 232.

TY 326 — Toy Design I and Product Rendering

3 credits; 6 lab hours

This introductory course explores the design of toys in multiple categories. Students' broaden their ability to visually communicate age-appropriate play patterns, safety requirements, and category expectations. From researching to hand-rendering, they develop original, professional quality toy concepts that use various tools and techniques.
Corequisite(s): TY 327 and TY 352.

TY 327 — Drafting and Technical Drawing

3 credits; 6 lab hours

This course covers a wide range of industry-relevant drafting and drawing techniques. Students depict objects with a high degree of precision and realism to communicate clearly as design professionals. Industry standard tools for 2D/3D environments are applied to the principles of orthographic projection, isometrics, perspective, scale, light and shadow. Co-Requisite(s): TY 326 and TY 352.

TY 332 — Model Making and 3D Prototyping

3.5 credits; 7 lab hours

This introductory course teaches practical skills and methodologies for translating 2D renderings into finished 3D prototypes. Students utilize digital and physical techniques to create 3D virtual models and actual physical prototypes with functioning mechanisms. Industry concerns such as molding parameters, manufacturing material properties, and child safety are also addressed.
Prerequisite(s): TY 326 & TY 327.

TY 342 — Computer Graphics in Toy Design

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Students explore the computer as a tool for the presentation, refinement, and most importantly, the stimulation of creative design ideas. The fundamental principles of the two-dimensional bitmap and vector-based graphics using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator on the Macintosh computer system are introduced.
Prerequisite(s): TY 326.

TY 352 — The Toy Industry: Methods and Materials

3 credits; 2 lecture and 2 lab hours

Students engage in an analysis of various processes within the industry. They examine the properties of plastics and other materials; machinery; methods used in molding, assembly and packaging; and interactive electronics. Industry guests provide an overview of the scope of the trade including design categories, marketing, and safety issues. Co-Requisite(s): TY 326 and TY 327.

TY 411 — Toy Design II and Product Update

2 credits; 4 lab hours

Advanced methods for generation of toy design ideas. Emphasizes areas of new toy creation, line extension, and licensing.
Prerequisite(s): TY 332.

TY 414 — Games

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Game theory and logic are studied and applied to the design of games with special regard to such factors as age, play pattern, three-dimensional skills, action, strategy, and psychology. Emphasizes the successful execution and presentation of game concepts.
Prerequisite(s): TY 411 and TY 421.

TY 421 — Advanced Hard Toy: Design & Engineering

5 credits; 10 lab hours

Students design, engineer and fabricate fully functioning 3-dimensional plastic toy prototypes including functioning mechanisms. Focusing on product with highly demonstratable features, students create toys from among the major categories, considering product development issues, finishing techniques and presentation. They complete digital representation including 3D assemblies and photo-realistic renderings and engineering drawings.
Prerequisite(s): TY 332 and TY 352.

TY 442 — Advanced Computer Graphics in Toy Design

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Offered in conjunction with GD 407, this course introduces the principles of three-dimensional computer graphics and digital book design. Students build a three-dimensional model based on their soft toy designs and the character in preparation for inclusion in their digital books.
Prerequisite(s): TY 313 and TY 332 and TY 342.

TY 461 — Business Practices for the Toy Industry

2 credits; 2 lecture hours

Addresses the legal, ethical, and practical considerations involved in selling or licensing a toy design. Topics include patent, trademark, and copyright law; disclosure and licensing agreements; corporate and agency structure.
Prerequisite(s): TY 352 and TY 411.

TY 463 — Storybook Design and Licensed Product

3 credits; 6 lab hours

Students apply the conceptual elements of the graphic design process to write, design and illustrate a children's book about the promotional soft toy character designed in TY 313. They create licensed product designs as an integral part of the storybook to extend the life of the original toy.
Prerequisite(s): TY 313 and TY 342 and MK 301 and TY 332.

TY 467 — Professional Portfolio

4.5 credits; 9 lab hours

Students analyze, position, and develop their portfolios to align with their chosen disciplines. This course combines studio work, discussion of marketing trends, and presentation practice. Students create concepts guided by their goals, developing their ability to transform hand-drawn images into near-photorealistic digital representations of product in 2D and 3D environments.
Prerequisite(s): TY 342, TY 411, TY 421, TY 442, and SS 232.

TY 491 — Summer Internship: Toy Design

4 credits

A summer internship in industry, scheduled individually for a minimum of 168 hours at the worksite and 12 hours on campus. Includes a pre- and post-internship seminar. Completion of a daily journal, a written and oral report on the experience, and a portfolio of work is required. Applications must be submitted in spring semester prior to acceptance into the program.
Prerequisite(s): TY 313 and TY 332.