AD 203 — Advertising Design and Layout

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

For Photography students. Application of design principles to photographic layout problems, in black and white and color, utilizing the student's own photographs.

AD 216 — Foundation in Advertising Design

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

This course introduces students to the field of advertising design. Students are presented with advertising problems and develop appropriate solutions that are original, unexpected, and memorable.
Co-requisite(s): (for one-year Communication Design Foundation students) PK 216.

AD 315 — Art Direction and Design

3 credits; 6 lab hours

An exploration of the relationship between art direction and design. The synthesis between concept and message communication, integral for an advertising and branding campaign, is examined.
Prerequisite(s): CT 300.

AD 364 — Digital Media Advertising

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

This course focuses on the new creative partnership in the field of advertising -- the interdisciplinary creative team. Students participate in a client pitch competition for a brand that is aimed toward an audience that was raised in a digital world and reached through the internet, and that utilizes various social media and other entertainment and communications options.
Prerequisite(s): AD 216.

AD 381 — Creative Principles

3 credits; 6 lab hours

Introduces students to the principles of creative advertising with an emphasis on conceptual thinking. Explores the legacy of advertising from the creative revolution of the 1960's to today's digital revolution, which heralds the empowerment of the creative technologist and a new advertising partnership that calls for a "bigger idea".
Prerequisite(s): CD 217 or CD 216
Corequisite(s): AD 383.

AD 382 — Art and Copy

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Students create outstanding and provocative advertising and refine their strategic thinking, art direction, copywriting, and execution abilities. With an emphasis on visual and verbal ideas, students work as a creative team to fully integrate art and copy.
Prerequisite(s): AD 381.

AD 383 — Strategy Planning and Brand Campaigns

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Students develop a strategy plan using research on target audience, customer satisfaction, competition, brand, marketplace, and the perception of prospects. Working from their creative brief, they develop an integrated brand campaign. (G6: Arts)
Prerequisite(s): CD 216 or CD 217
Corequisite(s): AD 381.

AD 402 — Idea Writing

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Focuses on the developing verbal ideas and mastering the art of storytelling. Students craft compelling narratives and brand voices, using a range of media. Writing and execution abilities for both long and short copy are explore and refined.
Prerequisite(s): AD 382.

AD 403 — Brand Identity in Advertising Design

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Created specifically to guide aspiring advertising designers through the sophisticated process of creating and establishing a brand identity. Emphasis will be placed on the steps required for brand consistency such as identifying a brand’s purpose and personality; designing a logo; creating the visual elements that support the new brand; and developing and designing a tone of voice for all communication channels, including, but not limited to, print, digital/motion, radio, TV, and social media.
Prerequisite(s): CD 217.

AD 404 — Creative Content for Social Media

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Provides insights into how new technologies inform and shape the creative process and the creative product. With the advent of social media, advertising has gone from a disruptive to an engagement model. Platforms are appraised from the creative perspective. Creative content that inspires sharing forms the basis of all ideation.
Prerequisite(s): AD 364.

AD 415 — Advertising Art Direction and Design II

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Students further develop their art direction skills by deepening their understanding of creative advertising principles and strategies to communicate a brand message with a sound idea. They execute that idea with a more disciplined understanding of how each design decision makes that message more vivid.
Prerequisite(s): AD 315.

AD 442 — TV Studio/TV Ad Concepts

3.5 credits; 1 lecture and 5 lab hours

From concept to broadcast, this course offers students the hands-on experience of making a 30-second television spot.
Prerequisite(s): AD 382.

AD 464 — Senior Portfolio Design

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Students prepare cohesive portfolios, reflecting their own individual design aesthetic, in preparation for careers in graphic and/or advertising design.
Prerequisite(s): AD 494 and (for Graphic Design students) GD 411.

AD 466 — Senior Portfolio

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Students prepare cohesive portfolios for their advertising internships. Preparation for interviews, including how to present yourself comfortably and confidently, how to stand out, and what to leave behind, along with networking and establishing contacts in the industry, are covered.
Prerequisite(s): AD 315.

AD 467 — Advertising Professional Preparation

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Coaches Advertising Design students for entry into the Advertising profession. Students prepare for interviews by developing resumes, cover letters, personal presentations and portfolios. Further development of advertising agency employment skills such as preparation of agreement letters, invoices, estimates and other business forms required for working on staff or as a freelancer will be covered.
Prerequisite(s): AD 466
Corequisite(s): AD 491.

AD 481 — Art Direction

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

Development from concept to design of highly finished comprehensives. The role of the art director is considered, including time management, production procedures, and working with photographers, illustrators, and other industry suppliers.
Prerequisite(s): AD 383 and CD 372.

AD 482 — TV and Viral Videos

3 credits; 6 lab hours

Simulates the actual stages in development of advertising for TV and the web. Students engage in concept development, storyboard creation, completion of pre-production books, production, and post-production, using professional editing software.
Prerequisite(s): AD 382.

AD 491 — Internship

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Intern in the ad industry: 10 weeks, 12 hours per week on-site (120 hours); and 5 weeks: 3 hours per week in the classroom, (15 hours). Includes ongoing, individual student and instructor interviews and assessments that occur before, during, and after the on-site experience.
Prerequisite(s): AD 466.

AD 494 — Senior Thesis & Project Planning

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

A hands-on survey of research methodology and thesis-writing facilitate the student’s finalization of a creative, information-based, persuasive, ten-to fifteen-page thesis paper. Planning, researching, drafting, editing, and constructed of a carefully written paper will take place in stages over the span of the semester. Paper will focus on an individually selected design, cultural, or socially relevant theme closely linked to each student’s personal and professional interests. In addition to the thesis, students plan their senior project.
Prerequisite(s): AD 383.

AD 495 — Senior Design Project

3 credits; 6 lab hours

In an independent study format, analyze, organize, and execute a senior design project resulting from the senior design project research paper completed in the prior semester. Format provides further opportunity to develop personal voice and communicate original visual messages.
Prerequisite(s): AD 494 and (for Graphic Design students) GD 411.

AD 496 — Advanced Advertising Design Workshop

3 credits; 6 lab hours

Entries for national and international student design competitions are produced, resulting in exposure to the design and advertising industries. In addition, actual advertising design projects presented by clients are introduced, affording the opportunity for client contact and creation of professionally produced material for a portfolio.
Prerequisite(s): CD 372.

AD 497 — Student Competition

3 credits; 6 lab hours

Students work on assignments for international advertising competitions. Provides students with exposure to the top national and international advertising agencies.
Prerequisite(s): AD 482
Corequisite(s): AD 498.

AD 498 — Senior Project

3 credits; 6 lab hours

In an independent study format the students analyze, organize, and execute a senior advertising design project resulting from their thesis on an individually selected cultural, or socially relevant theme closely linked to each student’s personal or professional interests. Advertising Design students use their thesis as background research on the category, psychographics or consumer attitudes for the brand that they have chosen to execute for their Senior Project.
Prerequisite(s): AD 494.

AD 499 — Independent Study Advertising Design

1-4 credit