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PK 216 — Foundation in Packaging Design

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

This course introduces the fundamentals of packaging design. Lectures and design assignments provide students with the opportunity to understand and explore packaging design principles as they apply to the marketing of consumer brands.
Co-requisite(s): (for one-year Communication Design Foundation students) AD 216.

Packaging Design BFA Degree Program

School of Art and Design Applications accepted for fall only.       NYSED: 00669      CIP:  50.0404 The major in Packaging Design prepares students for careers across a wide array of creative roles, including designer and strategist within the global consumer brand and packaging design profession. The curriculum includes design thinking, brand strategy, brand identity for consumer products, design realization, sustainability, professional practice, and portfolio development, all focused on utilizing design to improve consumer experiences and enhance people's lives. Students gain experience through a required internship. Curriculum below is for the entering class of fall 2024.

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