Applications accepted for fall and spring.       NYSED: 00828     CIP: 52.1902

The major in Fashion Business Management provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for assuming positions in the merchandising industry in areas such as buying, sales, product development, creative fashion presentation, retail management, and marketing. Curriculum below is for the entering class of fall 2022. 

Semester 1Credits
MAJOR AREAFM 108 - First Year Experience I3
FM 110 - Product Elements and Principles2
FM 116 - Fashion Business Practices3
FM 203 - Business Intelligence in Planning and Buying3
FM 245 - Fashion Forecasting for Merchandisers3
RELATED AREATS 110 - Product Elements and Principles Laboratory1
choice - see Related Area Elective*1.5-3
Semester 2
MAJOR AREAFM 109 - First Year Experience II3
FM 204 - Innovation in Product Development3
FM 205 - Fashion Marketing and Digital Technology3
FM 206 - Strategies of Merchandising3
FM 207 - Retail Strategies3
choice - see Major Area Elective*3
 Total Credits: 34.5-36

*Fall 2022 Requirements: See below.

Major Area Elective(s): 3 credits
CHOICE of one (1) course: FM 144, FM 201, FM 212, FM 213, FM 222, FM 223, FM 226, FM 228FM 231, or FM 251

Related Area Elective(s): 1.5-3 credits
CHOICE of one (1) course: AC 111, AC 141, AC 171, AR 101, AR 115, DE 101, HD 111, HP 201, IC 297, ID 103, JD 101, PH 118, PH 162, TD 112, TS 215, or TT 261

Online Degree Option
The two-year online degree is designed to give students flexibility in earning a Bachelor of Science degree (see Online Degree Programs for additional information).

Upon graduating from the Fashion Business Management One-Year AAS degree program, students will demonstrate:

  1. Business Fundamentals: Students will be able to identify and apply current business methodology and discuss current situations and opportunities connected to the fashion business.
  2. Communication: Students will be able to compare how business decisions are established by using coherent written, verbal, and presentation skills.
  3. Globalism:  Students will be able to identify and evaluate the current global issues in how they will affect the fashion business. 
  4.  Technology: Students will be able to illustrate and distinguish their technology proficiency by beginning to adapt to the various technologies in the courses of the fashion business.
  5. Research and Critical Thinking: Students will be able to explain and conduct research of primary and secondary data to make business decisions. 
  6. Product Commercialization: Students will be able to begin to evaluate the functions of product development, the merchandising of a line and how it works within the Product Life Cycle.
  7. Retailing/ Wholesaling: Students will be able to identify and compare the differences between retail and wholesale in the fashion business.