Applications accepted for fall only.      NYSED: 00760     CIP: 50.0402

The major in Communication Design Foundation is a foundation program that provides qualified students the opportunity to advance to baccalaureate programs in Advertising & Digital Design, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, and Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design, as well as entry-level positions in advertising agencies, graphic and corporate communications companies, and publishing firms. Curriculum below is for the entering class of fall 2022. 

Semester 1Credits
MAJOR AREACD 116 - Design Studio Intensive I3
CD 126 - Digital Graphics Intensive I2
CD 173 - Typography I2
RELATED AREAAD 217 - Advertising and Digital Design: Principles, Processes, and Practices2
DE 216 - Foundation in Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design2
GD 216 - Foundation in Graphic Design2
PK 216 - Foundation in Packaging Design2
Semester 2
MAJOR AREACD 217 - Capstone Design Studio3
CD 226 - Digital Graphics Intensive II2
CD 232 - Visual Language2
CD 234 - Color Studies2
CD 235 - Design History3
CD 273 - Typography II2
RELATED AREACT 244 - Introduction to Web Design2
 Total Credits: 31

Online Degree Option
The two-year online degree is designed to give students flexibility in earning a Bachelor of Science degree (see Online Degree Programs for additional information).

Students who successfully complete the Communication Design AAS program will be able to:

  1. Apply two- and three-dimensional foundation principles to visual literacy problems.
  2. Recognize and create effective typographic hierarchies as part of original graphic design solutions.
  3. Apply research, analysis, and critical thinking skills to the various stages of effective communication design development from concept sketching to complete comprehensive.
  4. Create well-executed projects with appropriate attention to detail, using both digital and hand skills.
  5. Demonstrate professionalism and confidence in individual and group projects and presentations, which include the combination of oral, written, and visual skills.
  6. Develop design solutions that address the parallel relationships between advertising design, graphic design, packaging design, and visual presentation and exhibition design.