American Studies Minor

What does America mean, and how can we explore that question? The field of American Studies was developed in the mid-20th century as an interdisciplinary way to analyze this complex nation. The various diverse courses included in this minor all consider American topics, but from a rich variety of perspectives, including: ethnicity, race, gender, class status, politics, economics, and cultural expression. Some have argued that our culture and society are too fragmented to consider America a coherent concept. Minoring in American Studies will allow you to participate in the debate, and refine your own understanding of what this country signifies: past, present, and future.

The following requirements below are intended for students beginning fall 2024.
To declare your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinators:
Daniel Levinson-Wilk

Take Five (5) Courses
EN 202Women Write New York City3
EN 204Contemporary US Immigrant Literature and History3
EN 232Perspectives on American Literature3
EN 235African American Literature 3
EN 271Literature and History: The Development of American Culture to 18653
EN 272Identity in America: History and Literature, 1865 to Present3
EN 274Voices of Civil Rights in American History3
EN 275Literature of the Sixties3
EN 335Working Women in the United States: 1865 to Present3
EN 338Introduction to Asian American History and Literature3
EN 372Rhetoric in Popular Culture3
EN 394American Lives (Honors)3
FI 203African-American Film Culture3
FI 209History of American Television3
FI 272Introduction to Television Studies3
FI 273The Other Hollywood: Film in New York3
HA 116Indigenous Art of North America3
HA 211Asian American Art and Design3
HA 219African American Art3
HA 245Art of the United States3
HA 385Racism and Antiracism in Public Art and Architecture of the United States (Honors)3
HA 394History of New York Architecture (Honors)3
HA 395Studies in Indigenous Art of North America (Honors)3
HI 200Queer Work: A Research Seminar in LGBTQ Business and Labor History3
HI 201Classics in African American History3
HI 202U.S. History: Civil War-Present3
HI 203Distant Neighbors: A History of Latin America and the U.S.3
HI 204Leisure in America3
HI 207Hollywood: A History3
HI 208American History through Fabric, Fashion, and Dress3
HI 209Fashion and Slavery3
HI 210Sales and Service in World History3
HI 211Modern American History Through Food3
HI 212America at Night3
HI 391U.S. History and Culture: 1860 to Present3
HI 3923
HI 393New York City and the Invention of America (Honors)3
HI 394Rebellion and Resistance in America (Honors)3
MC 209Hispanic Cultures In New York3
MC 241Italian American Cultural Studies3
MU 203Survey of American Music3
SS 251American Government and Politics3
SS 278Latinos in the United States: A Sociological Perspective3

*Semesterly course offerings are subject to change.