English Minor

Deepen your experience of reading, writing, and thinking through a wide range of courses. Increase your appreciation and understanding of writing and literature, gain insights into shaping your words to communicate with others, and discover new ways to express yourself creatively.

The following requirements below are intended for students declared after fall 2024. If you have already declared your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinator:
Amy Lemmon Bowen


Take any five courses for an English minor. For an English minor with a Literature emphasis, four of the five should have an “L” designation.
For an English minor with a Writing emphasis, four of the five should have a “W” designation.

EN 200 Digital Writing (W)3
EN 202Women Write New York City (L/W)3
EN 203Your Digital Life: Online Literacies for a Networked World3
EN 204Contemporary US Immigrant Literature and History (L)3
EN 230/FI 204Martial Arts Cinema and its Global Impact3
EN 231Short Fiction (L)3
EN 232Perspectives on American Literature (L)3
EN 233Poetry (L)3
EN 234Gay and Lesbian Literature (L)3
EN 235African American Literature (L)3
EN 236Major Writers of the Western World (L)3
EN 251Theater Arts3
EN 253Dramatic Literature (L)3
EN 257/FI 244Major Movements in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Film3
EN 258Introduction to Performance Studies3
EN 266/FI 256Screenwriting I (W)3
EN 271Literature and History: The Development of American Culture to 1865 (L)3
EN 272Identity in America: History and Literature, 1865 to Present (L)3
EN 273Literature of India (L)3
EN 275Literature of the Sixties (L)3
EN 278Science Fiction (L)3
EN 279Women's Writing: 1900 - Present (L)3
EN 280ASpecial Topics in English – Creativity: Theory and Practice3
EN 281/FI 245Chinese Cinema3
EN 301Imaginative Worlds (W)3
EN 302Gender and Nationalism in World Fiction (Honors) (L)3
EN 303Writing Mystery and Crime Fiction (W)3
EN 304Writing as Activism (Honors) (W)3
EN 321Strategies of Business Communication (W)3
EN 322Writing for Art and Design Professions (W)3
EN 324Writing on The Arts (W)3
EN 325Playwriting (W)3
EN 331Introduction to Shakespeare (L)3
EN 333Modern Literature: The Spirit of the 20th Century (L)3
EN 335Working Women in the United States: 1865 to Present (L)3
EN 336From Gothic to Horror: Literature of Fear (L)3
EN 337Poetry in a Global Society (L)3
EN 338Introduction to Asian American History and Literature (L)3
EN 353Theater of the Americas (L)3
EN 361Creative Writing (W)3
EN 362Creative Nonfiction (W)3
EN 363Fiction Writing (W)3
EN 364Poetry Writing (W)3
EN 365Research Writing (W)3
EN 366/FI 356Screenwriting II (W)3
EN 368Intentional Objects: Writing About Things (W)3
EN 371Chinese Odyssey: Introduction to Chinese Literature (L)3
EN 373The Graphic Novel (L)3
EN 381Asian Fiction: Regional Selections (Honors) (L)3
EN 382/FI 343Contemporary Chinese Cinema (Honors)3
EN 390The Uncanny (Honors) (L/W)3
EN 391The Creative Imagination: Theory and Process (Honors)3
EN 394American Lives (Honors) (L/W)3
EN 399The Craft of Writing Poetry (Honors) (W)3
EN 480ASpecial Topics in English: Advanced Creative Writing – Poetry and Hybrid Forms (W)3