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EN 368 — Intentional Objects: Writing About Things

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

People are obsessed with things. Special objects inspire imagination and evoke admiration. Common objects contain memories and showcase identities. What is collected, valued, and discarded is culturally and personally significant. Together we will explore the power of objects for creative writing using personal, archival and autoethnographic experiences.
Prerequisite(s): EN 131 or equivalent.

Fashion Design–Children’s Wear

...AB (Arabic); CH (Chinese); EN (English); FI (Film...TS 116 , or TS 368 . OVERALL BACHELOR'S...

Fashion Design–Knitwear

...AB (Arabic); CH (Chinese); EN (English); FI (Film...TS 116 , or TS 368 NOTE: FF 322...

Fashion Design–Sportswear

...AB (Arabic); CH (Chinese); EN (English); FI (Film...TS 116 or TS 368 NOTE: FF 322...