Spanish Minor

Nothing looks better on your resume than a minor in a foreign language: French, Italian, Japanese, or Spanish. It gives you the competitive edge you will need in the international market. It tells your future employer that you have taken that extra step in learning to communicate with other cultures.

A Spanish minor requires 5 courses in Spanish or, as an alternative, 4 courses in Spanish and an MC course with modified assignments, with permission of the instructor and after you have completed level 214 of the language.

The following requirements below are intended for students beginning Fall 2023.
To declare your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinator:
Pilar Blanco-Ruiz

SP 111Spanish I 3
SP 112Spanish II3
SP 122Spanish Conversation I3
SP 132Spanish in Santiago de Compostela3
SP 141Spanish for Spanish Speakers I3
SP 142Spanish for Spanish Speakers II3
SP 213Spanish III3
SP 214Spanish IV3
SP 223Spanish Conversation II3
SP 311Spanish for Business3
MC 203Gender as Performance: Representation of Masculinities in Latin American/Latinx Theatre (*)3
MC 205Mexican Cinema: Between The National and The Global (*)3
MC 209Hispanic Cultures In New York (*)3
MC 252Latin American Fiction: 1960-Present (*)3
MC 261/FI 225Latin American Cinema and Resistance (*)3
MC 262Revolution as Spectacle: Mexico (*)3
MC 263Contemporary Spain through its Cinema (*)3
MC 301Imaginary Encounters: Representations of the Caribbean (Honors) (*)3
MC 351From Modern to Contemporary Latin American Women Writers (*)3
*This course is taught in English and it may be used toward the Spanish Language minor if you have permission from the instructor and have taken SP 214 since specific assignments will have to be done in the Spanish language. Only one of these four courses can be used for the minor. Please notify your Professor on the first day of class if you intend to have the course counted towards the minors.
Semesterly course offerings are subject to change.