History of Art Minor

History of Art introduces students to the history of art, architecture, and visual culture of world civilization from pre-history to the present. Courses emphasize the interrelation between art and the cultures that produced it, with special attention to social, economic, political, religious, and philosophical contexts.

The following requirements below are intended for students beginning Fall 2024.

To declare your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinator:
Justine De Young


Complete five (5) HA courses, across at least three (3) global zones
Africa & West Asia
HA 121Cities and Civilizations: The Eastern Mediterranean World, c. 3000 BCE-1000 CE3
HA 123African Art and Civilization3
HA 126Islamic Art and Civilization3
HA 206The Art, Architecture, and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt3
HA 208Earth Matters: Art & Environment in Ancient Egypt and Western Asia3
HA 230Modern and Contemporary African Art3
HA 238Art and Design in North Africa3
HA 239The History of African Textiles and Fashion3
HA/FI 253Afrofuturist Art and Visual Culture3
HA 272Islamic Art and Mathematics (Interdisciplinary)3
HA 318Repositioning Ancient Egypt and Rethinking Egyptology3
HA 398Architecture and Faith: Ancient and Islamic Cities (Honors)3
Asia & Oceania
HA 117East Asian Art and Civilization 3
HA 204History of East Asian Dress3
HA 225Art and Civilization of India3
HA 228Oceanic Art and Civilization3
HA 229Korean Art and Civilization3
HA 240Modern and Contemporary Korean Art3
HA 271Japanese Art and Civilization3
HA 303Tradition and Innovation in Asian Art and Design3
HA 383Art of the Silk Road: Cross-Cultural Encounters (Honors)3
Europe & North America
HA 111History of Art and Civilization in the Mediterranean and Beyond: Prehistory Through the Middle Ages3
HA 112History of European Art and Civilization: Renaissance to the Modern Era3
HA 201History of Fashion Photography3
HA 203History of Decorative Arts: Jewelry and Metalwork3
HA 205Italian Art in Context3
HA 207Art and Architecture in Venice3
HA 211Asian American Art and Design3
HA 212Renaissance Art in Florence3
HA 213Art and Architecture in Rome3
HA 215History of Menswear in Europe and North America3
HA 217History of Avant-Garde Film3
HA 218Art and Myth in the Classical World3
HA 219African American Art3
HA 220History of Interior Design: The Modern Interior as Space and Image3
HA 231Modern Art in Europe and North America3
HA 232Dada and Surrealism3
HA 234Warhol and Pop Art3
HA 236Queering Art History in Visual Culture of Europe and the United States3
HA 243History of Photography3
HA 244Art and Architecture in Paris3
HA 245Art of the United States3
HA 247Medieval Art in Europe and the Mediterranean World3
HA 252History of Russian and Soviet Film3
HA 300Art and Architecture of the Venetian Republic, c. 1100-18003
HA 301Fashion and Impressionism (Honors)3
HA 302Global Baroque3
HA 304Holocaust Representation in Art (Honors)3
HA 305History of 20th-Century Textile Design3
HA 316The Bauhaus3
HA 317Italian Renaissance Art and Civilization3
HA 330Approaches to Fashion Theory (Interdisciplinary)3
HA 332Modern Architecture3
HA 344European Fashion: Ancient Origins to Modern Styles3
HA 345History of Industrial Design3
HA 346History of Twentieth-Century Fashion in Europe and the U.S. 3
HA 347Costume and Fashion in Film3
HA 382Beauty: The Human Ideal in Visual Culture (Honors)3
HA 385Racism and Antiracism in Public Art and Architecture of the United States (Honors)3
HA 394History of New York Architecture (Honors)3
HA 396Art and Patronage in the Italian Renaissance (Honors)3
HA 411Western Theories of Art3
Latin America & Indigenous North America
HA 116Indigenous Art of North America3
HA 224Mesoamerican Art and Civilization3
HA 242Andean Art and Civilization3
HA 254Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art3
HA 395Studies in Indigenous Art of North America (Honors)3
HA 397Studies in Maya Art and Culture (Honors)3
HA 114Prehistoric Art3
HA 115Crossroads: Global Art and Its Histories, 1450-17503
HA 118Introduction to Fashion History: Materials, Motifs & Meanings3
HA 131Global Modern Art 1750-19503
HA 202Feminist Art Histories, Theories, and Practices3
HA 237Global Fashion: Ancient Origins to Modern Styles3
HA 246Art and Social Justice in New York3
HA 251/FI 234Film Genres: Horror3
HA 306Far From Home: Travel Narratives and Art History (Honors)3
HA 308Goddesses, Women, Power and Patronage in the Ancient World (Honors)3
HA 309History of Business in the Visual Arts: 1800-2000 (Honors)3
HA 310Global Contemporaries in the World of Art3
HA 319Art History and Conservation3
HA 320Animals, Architecture, and Aesthetics3
HA 321Eco-Visions in Art and Design3
HA 322Contemporary Global Fashion History3
HA 331Contemporary Art and Culture: 1945 to the Present3
HA 333Contemporary Photography and New Media3
HA 342History of Textile Design3
HA 381The Word and the Page: A History of Writing and Books (Honors)3
HA 462Art and Ethics3
Does not count toward the (3) zone requirement
HA 214Art In New York3

Semesterly course offerings are subject to change.