Film and Media Studies Minor

Students who minor in Film and Media Studies learn about the history of the film industry and the achievements of film as the most popular art form of the modern era. Students analyze films and work of some of the world's greatest directors, including foreign movies, silent films, recent releases, documentaries, and animation. Students learn to appreciate the industry's value as a window on society, revealing the zeitgeist of a period, the obsessions and interests of people at a particular place and time. Film study is valuable for all majors; it is an important part of the intellectual life of people in both the arts and business.

The following requirements below are intended for students beginning fall 2024.
To declare your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Dahlia Schweitzer

Emma Ben Ayoun

Required Course
FI 111Introduction to Film3
Choose Four (4) Courses
FI 200/SS 202Bollywood and the Making of India3
FI 201Principles of Costume for Filmmakers3
FI 202/MC 201Mafia Movies: Crime and Corruption in Italian Popular Culture3
FI 203African-American Film Culture3
FI 204/EN 230Martial Arts Cinema and its Global Impact3
FI 205Producing For Film3
FI 206/MC 205Mexican Cinema: Between The National and The Global3
FI/MC 207Devouring the Screen: Food in Film3
FI 208Film Genres: Zombies, Viruses, and the End of the World3
FI 209History of American Television3
FI 210Film Genres: Cult Cinema3
FI/MC 211Brazilian Cinema: Inventing Places and Spatial Myths3
FI 212Drag and Cross-Dressing in Cinema3
FI 220The Writers' Room: What Makes Great Television?3
FI 221History of Film, Beginnings to 19593
FI 222History of Film, 1960-20003
FI 223Women Make Movies: A History of Women’s Filmmaking3
FI 224/HA 217Avant-Garde Film3
FI 225/MC 261Latin American Cinema and Resistance3
FI 231History of Documentary Film3
FI 234/HA 251Film Genres: Horror3
FI 241/HA 252History of Russian and Soviet Film3
FI 243Television Genres3
FI 244/EN 257Major Movements in Chinese, Japanese and Korean Film3
FI 245/EN 281Chinese Cinema3
FI 246/MC 251Italian Cinema3
FI 256/EN 266Screenwriting I3
FI 262/HA 347Costume and Fashion in Film3
FI 271Fans and Fandom in the Internet Age3
FI 272Introduction to Television Studies3
FI 273The Other Hollywood: Film in New York3
FI 300Digital Storytelling: Fiction and Nonfiction3
FI 301The Film Auteur3
FI 320Major Directors: Federico Fellini3
FI 321Film Theory and Criticism, An Introduction3
FI 322Major Directors: Alfred Hitchcock3
FI 323Sexuality in Cinema3
FI 324The Romantic Comedy3
FI 325Major Directors: Akira Kurosawa3
FI 326Major Directors: Charlie Chaplin and Frank Capra3
FI 331Film Genres: Crime Stories3
FI 332The Science Fiction Film3
FI 333Film Genres: Animation3
FI 334Film Genres: Films of the Supernatural3
FI 335/MC 331Emotion Pictures: Film and Television Melodrama3
FI 341French Cinema3
FI 342Contemporary Korean Cinema3
FI 343/EN 382Contemporary Chinese Cinema (Honors)3
FI 356/EN 366Screenwriting II3
FI 400Screenwriting III3
FX 226Documentary Production: Streets of NYC3
FX 319Sound Design For Film3
FX 327Post Production Digital FX3
FX 328Directing The Actor3
HI 207Hollywood: A History3

*Semesterly course offerings are subject to change