Asian Studies Minor

Asian Studies is a group of courses focused on Asia that fulfills FIT Liberal Arts requirements in various bachelor programs. This interdisciplinary minor includes language, literature, philosophy, history of art, politics, history, film, and culture. Students take a minimum of 15 credits (5 courses), including two semesters of consecutive Chinese or Japanese language.

The following requirements below are intended for students beginning Fall 2023.

To declare your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinator: 
Jean Amato

Electives: Choose Two (2) Courses in a Single Language
AB 111Elementary Arabic I3
AB 112Arabic II3
CH 111Chinese I3
CH 112Chinese II3
CH 122Chinese Conversation I3
CH 213Chinese III3
CH 214Chinese IV3
CH 223Chinese Conversation II3
JA 111Japanese I3
JA 112Japanese II3
JA 122Japanese Conversation I3
JA 213Japanese III3
JA 214Japanese IV3
JA 223Japanese Conversation II3
Liberal Arts Electives: Choose Three (3) Courses
EN 257/FI 244Major Movements in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Film3
EN 273Literature of India3
EN 281/FI 245Chinese Cinema3
EN 302Gender and Nationalism in World Fiction (Honors)3
EN 338Introduction to Asian American History and Literature3
EN 371Chinese Odyssey: Introduction to Chinese Literature3
EN 381Asian Fiction: Regional Selections (Honors)3
EN 382/FI 343Contemporary Chinese Cinema (Honors)3
FI 200/SS 202Bollywood and the Making of India3
FI 204/EN 230Martial Arts Cinema and its Global Impact3
FI 325Major Directors: Akira Kurosawa3
FI 342Contemporary Korean Cinema3
HA 204History of East Asian Dress3
HA 211Asian American Art and Design3
HA 221 East Asian Art and Civilization
HA 225Art and Civilization of India3
HA 226Art and Civilization of the Islamic World3
HA 229Korean Art and Civilization3
HA 240Modern and Contemporary Korean Art3
HA 271Japanese Art and Civilization3
HA 303Tradition and Innovation in Asian Art and Design3
HA 383Art of the Silk Road: Cross-Cultural Encounters (Honors)3
HI 206Pasts in the Present: Modern Chinese History since 18003
JA 113Japanese Conversation in Japan3
MC/FA 204Images of the Mind: Introduction to Chinese Calligraphic Art (Interdisciplinary)3
MC 305Tang Poetry and Calligraphy: Classical Traditions of China (618-907 CE)3
PE 210 Devotional Art and Dance of the Indian Sub-Continent and West Asia (Interdisciplinary)
PL 143Introduction to Asian Philosophies3
SS 277Ethnicity, Dress, and World Culture3
SS 306Kimono and Fashion: A Socio-Cultural Perspective 3
SS 356Asia in Motion: National, International, and Transnational Relations3
SS 374Cross-Cultural Studies3
SS 378Asian Global Popular Culture3
SS 386Youth Subculture, Identity, and Fashion: A Sociological Perspective3
SS 393Politics in the Middle East (Honors)3
SS 395International Conflict in the 21st Century (Honors)3
SS 397Religion and Global Politics (Honors)3

*Semesterly course offerings are subject to change.