Creative Entrepreneurship, Minor

The Creative Entrepreneurship minor provides a cross-disciplinary learning opportunity to students who are interested in learning the methodologies, tools, and techniques necessary for the development and growth of new entrepreneurial ventures, business opportunities and an entrepreneurial mindset.  This minor will expand on the understanding of entrepreneurial thinking and the discipline for all the creative industries. It also prepares students with an understanding of entrepreneurship and discovering business opportunities, how to leverage creativity and innovation for these opportunities, along with the skills to create, build and manage entrepreneurial ventures.

This Creative Entrepreneurship minor is available to students in the Schools of Art and Design, Business and Technology and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The following requirements below are intended for students declared after Fall 2022. If you have already declared your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinator:
William Reinsch

The successful completion of at least five (5) courses are required to earn the minor.

Required Course:
EP 311Introduction to Entrepreneurship3
Completion of Four (4) Elective Choice Options:
EP/FF 300Fashion Design Concept Launchpad (Interdisciplinary)3
EP 360Social Enterprise3
EP 361Cognitive Entrepreneurship3
EP 362Introduction to Blockchain for Creative Businesses3
EP/CM 363Beauty Entrepreneurship3
EP 364Understanding, developing Web 3.0 business opportunities and NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)3
CM 251The Business of Beauty 360°3
DM 321Database Marketing3
FM 305The Business of Building a Fashion Brand3

* Requires special permission from the Direct and Interactive Marketing Department located in B403