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EP 360 — Social Enterprise

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

This course challenges students to create social value through entrepreneurship. Using the tools of entrepreneurs and innovators in the not-for-profit sector, social entrepreneurs apply the skills to develop a social enterprise for society’s most pressing social problems. Rather than leaving societal needs to existing government, not-for-profit or corporate solutions, social entrepreneurs find and demonstrate innovative ways to address these needs.

Entrepreneurship for the Fashion and Design Industries BS Degree Program

Company and Project Formation: Students will be able to develop businesses and/or projects that drive innovation, establish a competitive advantage, and construct business models, all with commercial value. Business Foundation: Students will administer the tools and techniques for creating products, services, and/or systems that have commercial value. Technology: The combination of innovation and technological competencies will be employed to develop, assess and communicate business ideas in order to be able to provide innovative solutions to business and market problems and the unmet needs for the creative industries. Critical Thinking: Students will be able to define and analyze the key components of innovation, products, services and businesses necessary to formulate solutions. Global Economy: Students will have the ability to assess diverse market and business needs to meet the changing marketplace dynamics of the global economy. Leadership/Interpersonal Skills: Students will be able to construct and employ written, oral and supporting collateral, presentations, skills, techniques, strategies and the materials needed to develop the leadership and interpersonal skills necessary for businesses, programs or ideas.

Home Products Development BS Degree Program

...Studies (DD): any course; Entrepreneurship: EP 311 , EP 360 , EP 361 ; Fashion Business Management: FM...