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School of Liberal Arts

Applications accepted for fall only.      NYSED: 35959     HEGIS 1010  

The major in Film and Media prepares students for careers in industries dependent on the moving image, including feature films, cable and broadcast television, digital media and advertising, industrial films, and the creation of visual content for new media delivery systems. Curriculum below is for the entering class of Fall 2017. 

Semester 5Credits
MAJOR AREAFI 321 - Film Theory and Criticism, An Introduction3
FI 356 - Screenwriting II3
FI 361 - Junior Production I3
choice - see Major Electives**3
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see Liberal Arts/Foreign Language*3
Semester 6
MAJOR AREAFI 362 - Junior Production II3
choice - see Film Genres 3
choice - see Major Electives**3
RELATED AREAIC 497 - Senior Internship C: Career Planning3
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see Liberal Arts/Foreign Language*3
Semester 7
MAJOR AREAFI 461 - Senior Production I3
choice - see National Cinemas3
choice - see Major Electives**3
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - Other World Civilization3
choice - see Liberal Arts Electives*3
Semester 8
MAJOR AREAFI 462 - Senior Production II3
choice - see Major Directors3
choice - see Major Electives**3
LIBERAL ARTSchoice - see Liberal Arts Electives*6
 Total Credits: 60

Fall 2017 Requirements:  See below

* Liberal Arts: 18 credits

  • Foreign Language: 6 credits. Two semesters of the same foreign language, one of which must meet the General Education Foreign Language requirement (G8)
  • Other World Civilizations: 3 credits. Choice of any non-Western History of Art course – see General Education Other World Civilization (G9)
  • Liberal Arts Electives: 9 credits.  Choice of three 3-credit courses in liberal arts that are not Film and Media courses

Courses Fulfilling the Major Requirement in Genre, National Cinema, and Director Categories: 9 credits. Choice of one 3-credit course from each of the following areas:

Film Genres: FI 224FI 234FI 324FI 331FI 332FI 333FI 334FI 335

National Cinemas: FI 225FI 241FI 244FI 245FI 246FI 341FI 342FI 343

Major Directors: FI 320FI 322FI 325FI 326

** Major Electives: 12 credits. CHOICE of FI courses not previously taken: FI 201, FI 202, FI 203FI 205, FI 220FI 223, FI 224, FI 225  FI 234, FI 241, FI 242, FI 243, FI 244,FI 245, FI 246, FI 262, FI 271, FI 272, FI 273, FI 300FI 319FI 320FI 322FI 323FI 324, FI 325, FI 326, FI 327, FI 328FI 331, FI 332, FI 333, FI 334, FI 335, FI 341, FI 342, or, FI 343