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School of Art and Design

Applications accepted for fall only.       NYSED: 00669      HEGIS 1009

The major in Packaging Design prepares students for careers as package designers in a number of diverse industries, in positions ranging from designer and junior designer to creative director in brand design firms, and in-house corporate design departments.

Semester 5Credits
MAJOR AREAPK 313 - Advanced Packaging Design I4
PK 324 - Packaging Brand Development2
PK 325 - Typography for Brand Packaging2
PK 336 - Packaging Materials and Methods2
PK 341 - Computer Graphics for Packaging Design2
choice - see Other World Civilizations* G93
Semester 6
MAJOR AREAPK 315 - Digital Prepress for Packaging Design2
PK 316 - Advanced Packaging Design II3.5
PK 326 - Packaging Design Interdisciplinary Projects1.5
PK 331 - Flexible Packaging3
PK 342 - Advanced Computer Graphics for Packaging Design2
GENERAL EDUCATION/ART HISTORYSS 334 - The Psychology of Color3
choice - see Liberal Arts Electives*3
Semester 7
MAJOR AREAPK 426 - 3D Concepts for Packaging Design1.5
PK 431 - Sustainable Packaging Design1.5
PK 451 - Survey of Packaging Design ***2
PK 412 - Advanced Packaging Design III3.5
RELATED AREABE 261 - Starting a Small Business3
DE 401 - Point-of-Purchase Ad/Display2.5
GENERAL EDUCATION/ART HISTORYchoice - see American History* G103
Semester 8
MAJOR AREAPK 461 - Packaging Portfolio Development2.5
PK 491 - Internship3
PK 492 - Senior Projects in Packaging Design2
RELATED AREAPH 306 - Digital Photography for Packaging Design2
ELECTIVEchoice - General Elective1.5-3
GENERAL EDUCATION/ART HISTORYchoice - see Liberal Arts Electives*3
 Total Credits: 67-68.5

*Fall 2014 Requirements:  See below.

FIT's Gen Ed courses are organized along the following categories: G1 Basic Communication; G2 Mathematics; G3 Natural Sciences; G4 Social Sciences; G5 Western Civilization; G6 The Arts; G7 Humanities; G8 Foreign Language; G9 Other World Civilizations; G10 American History. 

American History: 3 credits
CHOICE of EN 271 or 272, or LA 221 or 392 (any one of these meets G10).

Foreign Language:
The General Education Foreign Language requirement (G8) has been waived for the Packaging Design major.

Liberal Arts Electives: 6 credits
CHOICE of one HA course, and
CHOICE of one non-HA liberal arts course.

Other World Civilizations: 3 credits
CHOICE of HA 121, 221, 223, 224, 225, or 226 (any one of these meets G9).

Writing: 3 credits
CHOICE of EN 266, 322, 361, 362, 363, or 364.

NOTE: Students must complete SS 131 prior to sixth semester.

***Meets NASAD Art/Design History Requirements.