Fashion History, Theory, and Culture Minor

An interdisciplinary minor from the departments of History of Art and Social Sciences, Fashion History, Theory and Culture explores the meanings of fashion and its functions in society.

The following requirements below are intended for students beginning fall 2024.

To declare your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinators: 
Lourdes Font 

Justine DeYoung

You Must Complete Five (5) of the Following Courses
FI 212Drag and Cross-Dressing in Cinema3
HA 118Introduction to Fashion History: Materials, Motifs & Meanings3
HA 201History of Fashion Photography3
HA 203History of Decorative Arts: Jewelry and Metalwork3
HA 204History of East Asian Dress3
HA 215History of Menswear in Europe and North America3
HA 237Global Fashion: Ancient Origins to Modern Styles3
HA 239The History of African Textiles and Fashion3
HA 301Fashion and Impressionism (Honors)3
HA 305History of 20th-Century Textile Design3
HA 322Contemporary Global Fashion History3
HA/PL 330Approaches to Fashion Theory (Interdisciplinary)3
HA 342History of Textile Design3
HA 344European Fashion: Ancient Origins to Modern Styles3
HA 346History of Twentieth-Century Fashion in Europe and the U.S. 3
HA 347/FI 262Costume and Fashion in Film3
HA 382Beauty: The Human Ideal in Visual Culture (Honors)3
HA 383Art of the Silk Road: Cross-Cultural Encounters (Honors)3
HI 208American History through Fabric, Fashion, and Dress3
HI 209Fashion and Slavery3
IT 312Italian Fashion Culture3
MC 213Italian Style: Fashion In Italian Culture3
PL 202Animal Ethics and the Fashion Industry3
SS 244Fashion Economics3
SS 277Ethnicity, Dress, and World Culture3
SS 301Luxury: A Socio-Cultural Perspective3
SS 306Kimono and Fashion: A Socio-Cultural Perspective 3
SS 309Tattoos and Body Modification3
SS 313Cultural Awareness, Design Responsibility, and the Law3
SS 334The Psychology of Color3
SS 376Clothing and Society3
SS 386Youth Subculture, Identity, and Fashion: A Sociological Perspective3

*Semesterly course offerings are subject to change.