Caribbean Studies Minor

The Caribbean Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program of study in which students are engaged in the languages, cultures, histories, and societies of the Caribbean within a global context, from pre-European cultures to the present day. This minor leads students to a comprehensive understanding of the region and of the Caribbean diaspora.

The following requirements below are intended for students beginning fall 2024.
To declare your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinator:
Paul Clement

Required (3 credits)
SS/MC 304Introduction to Caribbean Studies3
Required: Choose Two (2) Semesters (6 credits) of One Modern Language
FR 111French I3
FR 112French II3
FR 122French Conversation I3
FR 132French in Paris3
FR 213French III3
FR 214French IV3
FR 223French Conversation II3
FR 315Introduction to French Literature3
SP 111Spanish I 3
SP 112Spanish II3
SP 122Spanish Conversation I3
SP 132Spanish in Santiago de Compostela3
SP 141Spanish for Spanish Speakers I3
SP 142Spanish for Spanish Speakers II3
SP 213Spanish III3
SP 214Spanish IV3
SP 223Spanish Conversation II3
SP 311Spanish for Business3
Elective Courses: Choose Two (2) (6 credits)
SS 353Latin America Today3
SS 446Economies of Latin America3
MC 209Hispanic Cultures In New York3
MC 252Latin American Fiction: 1960-Present3
MC 261/FI 225Latin American Cinema and Resistance3
MC 300The Poetics of Sound in Hispanic Caribbean Literature3
MC 301Imaginary Encounters: Representations of the Caribbean (Honors) 3
MC 303Black in Paris: African American, African, and Caribbean Writers in the City of Lights (Honors)3
MC/SS 308White Gold: Sugar, Power and the Creation of Atlantic Capitalism (Interdisciplinary)3
MC 351From Modern to Contemporary Latin American Women Writers3
MU 202Latin American and Carribbean Music3
PE 217Popular Urban Dance Past and Present3
SS 315Contemporary Issues Impacting the Caribbean Region3
SS 400Economics of Recreation, Leisure, and Tourism3

*Semesterly course offerings are subject to change.