Italian Minor

A minor in a foreign language gives you a competitive edge in the international market. It prepares you to live in and contribute to a diverse and changing world and to enter the global workforce equipped with the knowledge, confidence, and communication skills needed for success in an interdependent world.

An Italian minor requires five courses in Italian or, as an alternative, four courses in Italian and an MC course with modified assignments, with permission of the instructor and after you have completed level 214 of the language.

The following requirements below are intended for students beginning fall 2024.
To declare your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinator:
Isabella Bertoletti

IT 111Elementary Italian3
IT 112Italian II3
IT 113Made in Italy: Italian Language through Food, Fashion and Film 3
IT 122Italian Conversation I3
IT 132 Italian in Florence
IT 213Italian III3
IT 214Italian IV3
IT 223Italian Conversation II3
IT 311Italian for Business3
IT 312Italian Fashion Culture3
IT 341Introduction to Italian Literature3
IT 342Writing Women of the Italian Renaissance3
MC 200Mediterranean Crossings: Migration, Integration, and Social Unrest (*)3
MC 201/FI 202Mafia Movies: Crime and Corruption in Italian Popular Culture (*)3
MC 202Rome: The Making and Unmaking of the Eternal City (*)3
MC 241Italian American Cultural Studies (*)3
MC 251/FI 246Italian Cinema (*)3
MC 313Writing Women of the Italian Renaissance (*)3
MC 345Food for Thought: Gastronomy in Italian Literature and Culture (*)3

*This course is taught in English and it may be used toward the Italian minor if you have permission from the instructor and have taken IT 214 since specific assignments will have to be done in the Italian language. Only one of these four courses can be used for the minor.
Please notify your professor on the first day of class if you intend to have the course counted toward the minors.

Semesterly course offerings are subject to change.