Integrative Wellness, Minor

The Integrative Wellness Minor aims to help students cultivate self-understanding, self confidence, greater focus and awareness, and self-respect and civility. The Minor blends research and "hands on" practices which equip students to handle life's challenges with knowledge and greater ease. In a non-judgmental atmosphere students will have time and opportunities to explore their mental, emotional, physical, and societal selves. 

The following requirements below are intended for students declared after Fall 2022. If you have already declared your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinator:
Stephanie Bird

HE 101Health Education1
HE 102Stress Management1
PE 141Fitness Training1
PE 143Yoga I1
PE 145Tai Chi I1
PE 146Kung Fu1
PE 147Gentle Yoga1
PE 149Meditation I1
Choose 1 dance course:
PE 111Modern Dance1
PE 113Jazz Dance1
PE 114Ballet I1
PE 116Afro-Caribbean Dance1
PE 118Flamenco Dance1
PE 119Dances of the Middle East and India1
Choose 4 from the following: (3 credits each)
EN 280ASpecial Topics in English – Creativity: Theory and Practice3
EN 391The Creative Imagination: Theory and Process (Honors)3
HE 201Human Sexuality3
PE 100Introduction to Dance Movement Therapy 3
PE 201Advanced Fitness Training Course3
SC 326Human Nutrition3
SS 200Personal Finance3
SS 237Industrial Psychology3
SS 303LGBTQ in Society: A Global Perspective 3
SS 307Emotions in Society3
SS 335Abnormal Psychology3
SS 338Happiness & Human Flourishing (Honors)3
SS 340The Psychology of Gender, Perception and Self-Expression3