Online Learning

FIT offers more than 600 online course sections per year, enabling students with busy schedules to do their coursework online any time of the day. In addition, FIT also offers the associate degree in Fashion Business Management, and Communication Design Foundation, and the bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Marketing for the Fashion and Design Industries as fully online programs. Online courses have the letters "OL" next to them in the course listings.

Online learning at FIT is both interactive and collaborative. Students receive instruction, submit assignments, and actively participate in discussions from anywhere with an internet connection. Students leverage the wealth of resources available through the web to support their education.

If you opt to take an online course, you will access your course through Blackboard. Online courses are not for everyone and work best for independent learners who communicate comfortably through reading and writing. You may be expected to participate in online discussions with your class several times per week. Online courses are open to both degree and nondegree students, as well as international students.

FIT also offers more than 35 blended course sections per year. These are courses that are half online and half face-to-face (or a 40:60 ratio). Blended courses have the letters "BL" next to them in the course listings.