Career and Internship Center

Career and Internship Services Office, Business and Liberal Arts Center, B202, (212) 217-3000
Internship Studies Office: Marvin Feldman Building, C504, (212) 217-3004

Functioning within the Division of Academic Affairs, FIT’s Career and Internship Services is highly regarded for the college-credit-bearing experiential learning programs and career guidance it offers. The CIS’s mission is to help students learn how to identify good career fits and make successful career decisions in today’s competitive global market, advance their careers, and market themselves throughout their professional lives in a wide range of fields.

Key functions of the unit are:

  • Career Counseling and Internship Search Coaching 
  • Internship Studies Enrollment Support 
  • Full-time job/ Part-time job/ Retail job promotion
  • Career Fairs and Information sessions
  • Career Development Events and Workshops

The college maintains strong alliances with organizations ranging from design, communications, and merchandising to museums and other nonprofits.  Lifetime career services are offered to all FIT alumni, and students are encouraged to utilize the office’s resources from the start of their education.  

In collaboration with the Internship Studies Department, students participate in customized, semester-long experiential learning that integrates theory (classroom and online pedagogy) and practice (credit internships) focusing on the areas of career and personal development. Each academic year, FIT provides more than 1,500 students in more than 25 academic majors with credit-bearing internships at sponsor organizations. Approximately 90 percent of the graduating class that moved into the world of work reported being employed when surveyed after graduation.