Sustainable Materials and Technology (SM&T) Minor

The Sustainable Materials and Technology (SM&T) minor offers all FIT students the opportunity to gain an understanding to evaluate the different types of challenges faced by our societies through fundamental scientific knowledge and practice applying this to real-world scenarios and problems. The SM&T minor will complement students’ major-course knowledge and prepare them to lead their industries to a more sustainable future.  

This minor includes an engaging set of courses tackling issues touching on the three pillars of sustainability, social, economic, and environmental, and the tools needed to bridge these to build truly sustainable solutions. The foundation of scientific and technical information, tools, materials understanding, and critical thinking helps students see themselves as an active part of the changes needed to make an impact locally and globally. Students will be exposed to new technologies and materials that are currently available or being researched to mitigate the challenges faced world-wide, and offered opportunities to participate in impactful projects. 

The following requirements below are intended for students beginning fall 2024.

To declare your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinator: 
Karen Pearson

SC 102Climate Change3
SC 202The True Cost: A Product’s Life Cycle and the Science of Sustainability 3
CS 100Societal Impact of Computing, Security, and Ethics3
SC 100Wired3
SC 101Biodesign: Innovation at the Intersection of Science and Design3
SC 103Environmental Justice Through the Lens of Chemistry3
SC 109Pick Your Poison: Introduction to Materials Toxicology3
SC 201Plants, Pollinators, and People3
SC 203Disease Ecology in a Changing World3
SC/TD 204Designing with Emerging Materials (Interdisciplinary)3
SC 206The Chemistry and Art of Natural Dyes 3
SC 245Chemistry of the Everyday World3
SC 253Ecology and Environmental Problems3
HA 319Art History and Conservation3
ID 472Ecology and the Built Environment2
SS 302Economics of Energy and Fossil Fuels3
SS 336Psychology for Sustainability3
TT 247Color Creation and Sustainable Applications3