Sociology Minor

The objective of a sociology minor is to explore and expand student knowledge of the discipline of sociology. Students will develop a greater understanding of various social and cultural issues around the world by examining historical and contemporary events, topics, and issues in the field theoretically as well as empirically. In the variety of courses that they take, students will learn to analyze different societies and cultures from micro and macro levels and will also understand how these two intersect.

The following requirements below are intended for students beginning fall 2024.
To declare your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinator:
Jung-Whan DeJong

Required Course:
SS 171Introductory Sociology3
Choose Four (4) Courses
SS 272Sex Roles, Marriage, and Family in Transition3
SS 277Ethnicity, Dress, and World Culture3
SS 278Latinos in the United States: A Sociological Perspective3
SS 300Sociology of Everyday Life3
SS 301Luxury: A Socio-Cultural Perspective3
SS 303LGBTQ+ in Society: A Global Perspective 3
SS 306Kimono and Fashion: A Socio-Cultural Perspective 3
SS 307Emotions in Society3
SS 309Tattoos and Body Modification3
SS 313Cultural Awareness, Design Responsibility, and the Law3
SS 337Crime in the Global, Digital Society (Honors)3
SS 374Cross-Cultural Studies3
SS 376Clothing and Society3
SS 378Asian Global Popular Culture3
SS 379Sociology of the Digital Era3
SS 386Youth Subculture, Identity, and Fashion: A Sociological Perspective3

Semesterly course offerings are subject to change.