Middle East and North African Studies, Minor

The minor in Middle East and North African Studies exposes students to the historical, political, social and cultural complexities of a broadly conceived geographical region from North Africa to southwest and central Asia. This minor will provide an opportunity to have an interdisciplinary knowledge of the region, including proficiency in Modern Arabic.

Students take a minimum of 15 credits (5 courses), including two semesters of consecutive Arabic.

The following requirements below are intended for students declared after Fall 2022. If you have already declared your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinators:
Praveen Chaudhry


Yasemin Celik Levine

Required (Two (2) semesters of Arabic):
AB 111Elementary Arabic 13
AB 112Arabic II3
Choose Three (3) Courses (nine credits):
AB 122Arabic Conversation I3
EN 305Arab Women and the War Story (Honors)3
HA 121Cities and Civilizations: The Eastern Mediterranean World, c. 3000 BCE-1000 CE3
HA 206The Art, Architecture, and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt3
HA 208Earth Matters: Art & Environment in Ancient Egypt and Western Asia3
HA/PE 210Devotional Art and Dance of the Indian Sub-Continent and West Asia (Interdisciplinary)3
HA 226Art and Civilization of the Islamic World3
HA 227Archaeological Excavation in Israel3
HA 238Art and Design in Morocco3
HA/MA 272Islamic Art and Mathematics (Interdisciplinary)3
HA 308Goddesses, Women, Power and Patronage in the Ancient World (Honors)3
HA 318Repositioning Ancient Egypt and Rethinking Egyptology3
HA 398Architecture and Faith: Ancient and Islamic Cities (Honors)3
MC 206Arab Literature and Culture: An Introduction3
SS 151Global Power and Politics3
SS 302Economics of Energy and Fossil Fuels3
SS 354Comparative Political Systems3
SS 356Asia in Motion: National, International, and Transnational Relations3
SS 393Politics in the Middle East (Honors)3
SS 394Global Financial Markets (Honors)3
SS 395International Conflict in the 21st Century (Honors)3
SS 397Religion and Global Politics (Honors)3
PE 119Dances of the Middle East and India1
PE 219Dances of the Middle East and India II1