Ethics and Sustainability, Minor

The minor in Ethics and Sustainability draws on the expertise and critical thinking of faculty across the campus in all three schools. Minoring in Ethics and Sustainability provides students with knowledge and tools to understand and critically assess environments, materials, economics, aesthetics, philosophical concepts, social responsibility, and the impact of actions. The minor is designed to facilitate understanding of the interrelatedness of topics, information, and applications related to ethics and sustainability.

The following requirements below are intended for students declared after Fall 2022. If you have already declared your minor, please speak to your academic advisor for assistance.

Minor Coordinators:
Anna Blume

Evelyn Rynkiewicz

SC 253Ecology and Environmental Problems3
PL 431Philosophy: Ethics3
Choose three additional courses from the list below:
Business and Technology
FM 326Sustainability in Fashion Merchandising3
FM 363Corporate Social Responsibility3
IN 320Compliance Management in International Trade3
IN 342International Corporate Responsibility3
TT 247Color Creation and Sustainable Applications3
Art and Design
ID 421Historic Preservation I2
ID 422Historic Preservation II2
ID 472Ecology and the Built Environment2
PH/SC 254Ecology and Photography: Sustainable New York (Interdisciplinary)3
PK 413Sustainable Packaging Design Development3
PK 431Sustainable Packaging Design2
TD/SC 204Designing with Emerging Materials (Interdisciplinary)3
Liberal Arts
EN 274Voices of Civil Rights in American History3
EN 304Writing as Activism (Honors)3
EN 337Poetry in a Global Society3
HA 208Earth Matters: Art & Environment in Ancient Egypt and Western Asia3
HA 304Holocaust Representation in Art (Honors)3
HA 319Art History and Conservation3
HA 320Animals, Architecture, and Aesthetics3
HA 321Eco-Visions in Art and Design3
HA 385Racism and Antiracism in Public Art and Architecture of the United States (Honors)3
HA 462Art and Ethics3
HI 200Queer Work: A Research Seminar in LGBTQ Business and Labor History3
HI 394Rebellion and Resistance in America (Honors)3
MC 200Mediterranean Crossings: Migration, Integration, and Social Unrest3
MC 301Imaginary Encounters: Representations of the Caribbean (Honors)3
MC 303Black in Paris: African American, African, and Caribbean Writers in the City of Lights (Honors)3
MC/SS 308White Gold: Sugar, Power and the Creation of Atlantic Capitalism (Interdisciplinary)3
PL 200Environmental Ethics3
PL 202Animal Ethics and the Fashion Industry3
PL 300Business Ethics3
SC 101Biodesign: Innovation at the Intersection of Science and Design3
SC 201Plants, Pollinators, and People3
SC 202The True Cost: A Product’s Life Cycle and the Science of Sustainability3
SC 203Disease Ecology in a Changing World3
SC/TD 204Designing with Emerging Materials (Interdisciplinary)3
SC/PH 254Ecology and Photography: Sustainable New York (Interdisciplinary)3
SS 302Economics of Energy and Fossil Fuels3
SS 313Cultural Awareness, Design Responsibility, and the Law3
SS 336Psychology for Sustainability3
SS 341Women and Global Politics3
SS 395International Conflict in the 21st Century (Honors)3
SS 442Environmental Economics and Policy3