The FIT Foundation

Seventh Avenue at 27th Street, 227 West 27th Street, New York City 10001-5992, (212) 217-4100

The FIT Foundation secures financial support to advance FIT’s mission.

Founded in 1944 as the Educational Foundation for the Fashion Industries, the FIT Foundation serves as an advisory and fundraising arm to FIT, raising support for the college’s strategic priorities; building academic and creative excellence, empowering the student community, and working with industry leaders worldwide to build a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at FIT. The FIT Foundation also serves as a vital conduit between FIT’s alumni, friends, and donors, who further the mission of the institution through their generous support of its students, schools, departments, and programs.

The FIT Foundation is designated a tax-exempt institution under Federal Internal Revenue Service Code Section 501(c)(3).

FIT aspires to meet the needs of every student, to remove barriers to enrollment, and to ensure that an education is accessible to all admitted students, regardless of family income. The FIT Foundation recognizes the urgent need to substantially increase the amount of financial aid available to students and actively engages alumni, friends, foundations, fashion-related industries, and corporations in support of generous scholarships that provide an affordable educational experience to deserving students who contribute to the diversity of FIT’s student body. The list of commencement awards, loan funds, and scholarships attests to their commitment to the college.


Edwin Goodman Endowment in Fashion (Buying and Merchandising). In 1955, the Goodman family established an endowment of fashion in memory of Edwin Goodman, of Bergdorf Goodman. The endowment made possible the development of the Fashion Business Management major.

Emily Wilkens Chair in External Impressions. In 1965, the Board of Trustees of the Fashion Institute of Technology established a chair honoring Ms. Wilkens for her assistance and counsel in founding a program to foster self-evaluation and self-improvement as steps toward social maturity.

International Fabricare Institute Endowment in Textile and Apparel Care Technology. In 1966, the National Institute of Dry Cleaning established an endowment in textile and apparel care technology. This endowment helped to develop materials and programs for the distribution of information about servicing and maintaining fashion products to designers, manufacturers, and distributors, as well as maintenance of the Textile and Apparel Lab.

The Wool Bureau Endowment. In 1968, The Wool Bureau, Inc., established an endowment for the development of a program to enrich knowledge and awareness of the utilization of wool and wool textile products in apparel and home furnishings. The endowment achieves these objectives through teaching, through direct applications in design and manufacturing technology, and through research involving wool and wool products.

Trifari, Krussman and Fishel, Inc., Endowment in Jewelry. In 1975, the world-renowned jewelry firm of Trifari, Krussman and Fishel, Inc., endowed a jewelry design laboratory in honor of the company’s 50th anniversary. The endowment is used to assist the program in Jewelry Design, which began in September 1975.

The Shirley Goodman Resource Center Endowment. In 1975, a resource center support fund was named and endowed to honor Shirley Goodman, executive vice president emeritus of FIT and executive director of the FIT Foundation (1949–91). Today, the Shirley Goodman Resource Center houses the Gladys Marcus Library, The Museum at FIT, and the School of Graduate Studies.

The Revlon Endowment in Cosmetics Marketing. In 1980, the Revlon Corporation established an endowed fund to enrich and extend the Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing program. Each year, one student is awarded the Revlon Commencement Award for Academic Achievement.

Jack C. Lebowitz Endowment in Menswear. In 1981, the National Association of Men’s Sportswear Buyers created an endowment in Menswear. The endowment honors the memory of Mr. Lebowitz, a former buyer at Macy’s.

Norman M. Morris Endowment in Jewelry Design. In 1981, Norman M. Morris, whose firm was the United States agent for Omega watches, established an endowed fund in Jewelry Design. The fund provides for the inclusion of watch design within the department’s program of study.

Scovill Endowment in Research and Design. In 1984, the Scovill Apparel Fasteners Group provided an endowment for research in product design and applications emphasizing fasteners utilization. The chair of this endowment serves as the liaison between students and faculty and the fasteners industry.

Intimate Apparel Endowment in Fashion Design. In 1985, a league of corporation and private sponsors, primarily in the intimate apparel industry, endowed funds to develop an intimate apparel specialization in the Fashion Design BFA program. Part of these funds is used for a yearly honor scholarship and merit award for students studying intimate apparel.

The Mildred Custin Room. In 1986, family and friends of Mildred Custin, known as America’s “first lady” of retailing, endowed funds to name and maintain a room in her honor. Today, the Mildred Custin Room is a highly used computer library resource lab.

Gustav Neimeyer Endowment in Jewelry Design. In 1988, the trustees of the Gustav H. Neimeyer Memorial Education Fund voted to create a discretionary endowment with the remaining assets of the fund for the Jewelry Design Department.

The Colin Birch Memorial Window. In 1990, friends of Colin Birch, the display window artist at Bloomingdale’s for many years, endowed funds to maintain FIT’s display window on Seventh Avenue. This window and its ever-changing displays by Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design students act as a living memorial to Mr. Birch.

Phillips-Van Heusen Endowment in Menswear. In 1990, the Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation created an endowment to enrich the program in Menswear.

Lawrence Israel Lecture Series in Interior Design. In 1997, Professor Lawrence Israel, architect and faculty member, established an endowed fund for the Interior Design Department to create the Lawrence Israel Lecture Series of distinguished design professionals.

Mildred Rothman Endowment in Educational Skills. In 1998, this endowment was bequeathed by Professor Mildred Rothman to be used for the benefit of students in Educational Skills.

Elsa Peretti Professorship in Jewelry Design. In 2001, Tiffany and Co. established the Elsa Peretti Professorship in Jewelry Design. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its successful and rewarding collaboration with Elsa Peretti, Tiffany created a perpetual fund for faculty salary support in the Jewelry Design Department. At Ms. Peretti’s request, the endowment is established in honor of her long friendship and professional association with Samuel Beizer, founding chairman of FIT’s Jewelry Design Department.

George T. Dorsch Fund. In 2002, the Estate of George T. Dorsch established an endowment to enhance the History of Art and Civilization Department.

Dr. Leonard Florence and Sy Steward Global Scholars Endowment in Home Products. In 2005, this endowment was created to honor the contributions of two leaders in the field of home products. This endowment enables Home Products Development students to participate in international trade shows and study abroad programs.

Alfred Z. SolomonJanet A. Sloane Endowment Fund. In 2005, this endowment was created to support the accessories collection at The Museum at FIT. It will help fulfill the museum’s mission to educate students and the general public about the artistic, historical, and social significance of fashion.


Scholarship gifts help further FIT’s mission by providing life-changing financial support to qualified students. Full and partial scholarships are available to full-time students offering evidence of financial need and academic merit. A limited number of partial scholarships have been established for matriculated evening and weekend students who demonstrate financial need. A number of scholarships provided by the friends and families of FIT are awarded—based on aptitude, need, and/or scholastic achievement—to students who have completed a year of study at FIT. Some of these are limited to specific criteria established by the donor.

Financial Aid Scholarships

NAMSB Scholarship Fund (1998) (Menswear majors)
Abe Schrader Corporation Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Abraham L. Blumenfeld Endowed Scholarship (Menswear majors)
Adele and Wesley Simpson Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Adele C. Elgart Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Adolph, Lily, and Peter Vogel Scholarship
Alberto Lattuda Travel Scholarship
Allan R. Johnson Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Allan R. Johnson Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Alumni Association Scholarship
Andrew Rosen Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Anglo Fabrics Endowed Scholarships (Textile Development and Marketing majors)
Anita James Rosen Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Ann Kissel Grun Endowed Alumni Scholarship (Jewelry Design and Fashion Design majors)
Annette Green Honor Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
Antonio Lopez Alumni Scholarship (Fashion Illustration majors)
Apparel Guild Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Arthur Englander Memorial Scholarship (marketing majors)
Arthur R. Rolofo Scholarship
Bergdorf Goodman Scholarship Fund (Fashion Business Management majors)
Bernard G. Cohn Memorial Honor Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Bernice and Milton Stern Scholarship
Bessie and Barnet Ginsburg Family Memorial Scholarship
Bill Carone Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Bloomingdale's Annual Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Bonnie Cashin Memorial Fund
Borg Fabrics Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Brunschwig & Fils Endowed Honor Scholarship (Interior Design majors)
Buick Design Endowed Scholarship
C. Rosen Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Carl Rosen Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Carleton Woolen Mills, Inc., Endowed Scholarship (Textile/Surface Design majors)
Carole Gottlieb Lang Memorial Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Carolee Scholarship
Catherine Kelly Memorial Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Cato-Howard Davidowitz Scholarship Fund (Fashion Business Management majors)
Cato-Murray Turkel Scholarship Fund (Fashion Business Management majors)
Charles Nolan Scholarship Fund (Fashion Design majors)
Colbert Foundation Endowed Scholarship
David B. Weiss Memorial
David Dubinsky Foundation Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
David Mercer Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
David Schwartz Foundation Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
David Zelinka Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Davidow Suits, Inc., Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Delores Zuckerman Gewirtz Scholarship (Fashion Design or Textile/Surface Design majors)
Dianne Rubinfeld Scholarship Fund (Fashion Business Management majors)
Dorothy Ross Memorial Scholarship (Advertising and Marketing Communications majors)
E. Susan Johnson Scholarship (Advertising and Marketing Communications majors)
Echo Design Group
Ed Kavanaugh and Stanley Kohlenberg Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
Edward Weissman Endowed Scholarship (Production Management majors)
Edwin A. Goodman Endowed Scholarship
Eli Elias Endowed Scholarship (Production Management majors)
Ellen Alpert Scholarship Fund
Elliot Lippin Scholarship Fund
Elsa Peretti Endowed Scholarship (Jewelry Design majors)
Elsa Peretti/Tiffany & Co. Scholarship (Jewelry Design majors)
Emanuel and Mabel Weintraub Scholarship (Production Management majors)
Endowing Excellence Scholarship Fund
Etienne Aigner Endowed Scholarship (Accessories Design majors)
Fabergé Design Endowed Scholarship
Faie J. Joyce Endowed Scholarship (Graduate Studies)
Fairchild Publications Endowed Scholarship (Advertising and Marketing Communications majors)
Fashion Group Foundation Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Fashion Group/Isabel and Ruben Toledo Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Fashion Services Network Scholarship
Fifth & Pacific Foundation Scholarship
Fifth & Pacific Foundation Scholarships I and II
Fifth & Pacific Foundation/Harold Brawer Memorial Scholarship
Fifth & Pacific Scholarship (Direct and Interactive Marketing majors)
Fifth & Pacific Scholarship in Honor of Annette Green (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
Fifth & Pacific Scholarship in Honor of Dillard's (Fashion Design majors)
Fifth & Pacific Scholarship in Honor of Shirley Goodman (marketing majors)
Filene’s Charitable Foundation Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Financo, Inc., Scholarship
FIT Alumni Association Scholarship
FIT General Scholarship Fund
Francesca S. Joelson Scholarship Fund (Fashion Design majors)
Frank Olive Memorial Fund (Accessories Design majors)
Fred Pomerantz Honor Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Frederick Atkins, Inc., Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
General Mills/David Crystal, Inc., Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
George J. Greenberg Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
George S. Kaufman Endowed Scholarship
George S. Kaufman Scholarship
Gerald & May Ellen Ritter Memorial Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Gershon & Judith Lieber
Gerson & Judith Leiber Endowed Scholarship (Accessories Design majors)
Gerta Pomerantz Fund (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Gianni Versace Memorial Fund (Fashion Design majors)
Gimbel Brothers–Saks Fifth Avenue Endowed Fund (Fashion Business Management majors)
Giorgio Armani Fashion Corp. Endowed Scholarship (Menswear majors)
Giorgio Di Sant’Angelo Memorial Endowed Fund (Fashion Design majors)
Harvé Benard Endowed Scholarship
Hazel Bishop Endowed Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
Headwear Association Scholarship (Accessories Design majors)
Helen Galland/Baker Scholarship
Henry R. Kravis Scholarship (Textiles majors)
Hoechst Celanese Endowed Scholarship (Textile/Surface Design majors)
Hoechst Fibers, Inc., Endowed Scholarship (Textile/Surface Design majors)
I. Kleinfeld and Sons Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Ira Guilden Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Ira Hechler Scholarship
Jacalyn E. S. Bennett Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Jack Fenstermacher Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Illustration majors)
Jacklyn L. Nemrov Scholarship
Jaclyn, Inc., Scholarship (Accessories Design majors)
Jan Law Scholarship Fund (Fashion Design–Intimate Apparel majors)
J. C. Penney Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Jean Claude Mastroianni (Fashion Design majors)
Jean Wallrapp Memorial Scholarship
Jerome and Simona Chazen Scholarship
Jerry Silverman, Inc., Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Joel B. Wigler Memorial Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
John E. Reeves Scholarship (Textile Development and Marketing majors)
John Fabian Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Knitwear majors)
John G. Ledes Endowed Honor Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
John J. Pomerantz (I) Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
John J. Pomerantz (II) Scholarship Fund (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Joseph A. Coleman, MD–Maidenform Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Joseph Calio Memorial Scholarship (Technical Design majors)
JP Stevens & Co., Inc., Scholarship (Textiles majors)
JPMorgan Chase Scholarship (formerly Chemical Bank)
Judith & Burton Resnick Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Judith Ripka Scholarship (Jewelry Design majors)
Jules Yuckman Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Textile/Surface Design majors)
Julian R. Geiger Scholarship (Business and Technology majors)
Kaufhof Scholarship (Business and Technology majors)
Kate Spade and Company Scholarship
Kayser-Roth Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Laurence C. Leeds Endowed Scholarship
Laverne Neil Memorial Scholarship
Lee and Marvin Traub Scholarship Fund (marketing majors)
Leo and Elly Honig–Anglo Fabrics Scholarship
Leonard W. Pollatschek Memorial Scholarship (Menswear majors)
Leslie Blodgett Endowed Scholarship (Business and Technology majors)
Leslie Fay, Inc., Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Lion Brand Yarn Co. Endowed Scholarship (Textile Development and Marketing majors)
Lord & Taylor Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Louise Dahl-Wolfe Endowed Scholarship Fund (Photography majors)
Lynn and Carl Goldstein Endowed Scholarship (Home Products Development majors)
Macy's New York Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Maidenform, Inc., Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Marco Wachter Memorial-Mondo, Inc., Scholarship
Margo Scavarda and Lawrence Aiken Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
Maria Spagnola Alaya Scholarship Fund
Marie Auyang Scholarship Fund (Technical Design majors)
Marie B. Simms Endowed Scholarship
Marion and Myron Alexander Endowed Scholarship (Textile Development and Marketing and/or Textile/Surface Design majors)
Marvin Feldman Endowed Scholarship
Marvin Feldman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Maurice Bidermann Endowed Scholarship (Menswear major)
May and Samuel Rudin Foundation Scholarship
May Department Stores Scholarship
Melanie Amariglio Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Melvin E. Dawley Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Melvin E. Kleeblatt Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Michael Kors Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Michele Marzigliano Memorial Scholarship (arts majors)
Milliken & Company Scholarship
Milton J. Cassell Memorial Scholarship (Menswear majors)
Monique Recant Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Morris Camhe Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Mortimor H. April Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Myron H. Blumenfeld Endowed Honor Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
NAMSB Scholarship Fund (Menswear or Fashion Design majors)
Nancy Greer, Inc., Endowed Scholarship
Nancy Yedlin Alumni Scholarship
National Board of Coat and Suit Industry Scholarship
National Millinery Planning Board Scholarship
Neiman Marcus Endowed Scholarship (Accessories Design majors)
New York Times Honor Scholarship (Advertising and Marketing Communications majors)
Norman V. Wechsler Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Ok Cha Lee Mason Endowed Scholarship
Pantone, Inc., Scholarship
Pat Sandler Memorial Alumni Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Patty and Jay Baker Scholarship Fund (Business and Technology majors)
Paul Hellman Foundation Scholarship
Paul Honig Endowed Scholarship
Peggy Ward/Macy's Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Petrie Stores Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Pierre Cardin Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Raincheetahs by Naman Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Reeves Brothers Foundation Scholarship (Textile Development and Marketing majors)
Regines Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Reliance Group Holdings, Inc., Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Retail Brand Alliance Endowed Scholarship
Revlon Foundation Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
Revlon Linda Harris Endowed Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
Richman Family Foundation Scholarship (Home Products Development majors)
Robert Chavez and Annette Green Endowed Honor Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
Robert J. Suslow Endowed Scholarship Fund (Fashion Business Management majors)
Robert Lagary Memorial Scholarship
Robert Rose Scholarship (Jewelry Design majors)
Robert Stock Endowed Scholarship Fund (Menswear majors)
Roger Caracappa Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management or Packaging Design majors)
Rose Wells Bing Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Ruben Cruz Scholarship Fund 
Russ Togs, Inc., Scholarship (Textiles majors)
Rwitobrato Datta Scholarship
Samuel and Sara Golub Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Samuel L. Deitsch Scholarship
Sandra and Arthur Tauber Endowed Scholarship (Home Products Development majors)
Sidney Bernstein Scholarship
Splash Swimwear Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design majors)
Spring Mills, Inc., Scholarship (Textile/Surface Design majors)
Stan Filonovich Scholarship
Sterling National Bank Student Success Scholarship
Student-Faculty Corporation Scholarship
Suzy Perette, Inc., Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
TDA/Bruce Roberts Scholarship (Textile Development and Marketing majors)
The Liz Claiborne/Arthur Ortenberg Scholarship Given by Fifth & Pacific (Advertising and Marketing Communications majors)
The Liz Claiborne/Arthur Ortenberg Scholarship Given by Fifth & Pacific (Fashion Design majors)
The Liz Claiborne/Arthur Ortenberg Scholarship Given by Fifth & Pacific (Illustration majors)
The Liz Claiborne/Arthur Ortenberg Scholarship Given by Fifth & Pacific (Production Management majors)
Tiedemann Trust Endowed Scholarship
TJX/Jack Lindner Scholarship (Fashion Design and Fashion Business Management majors)
Tokai Womens Jr. College Scholarship
Valerie N. Steele Memorial Scholarship Fund
Vidal Sassoon Scholarship
Vittorina Rolofo Scholarship
Walter Richardson Memorial Scholarship (Fashion Business Management majors)
Walter Riedler Scholarship Fund
Warnaco Scholarship Fund
Werner Klaas Scholarship Fund (Textile Development and Marketing majors)
Westpoint Stevens Endowed Scholarship (textile majors)
William Lauder Scholarship Fund (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Wool Bureau Endowed Scholarship (Textile/Surface Design majors)
YMA Endowed Scholarship (Textile/Apparel majors)
Zelinka-Matlick, Inc., Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Apparel majors)
Zina Sisman Levy Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Textile/Surface Design majors)


Ann and Harvey Zlesnick Endowed Scholarship (Home Products Development)
Arthur Price Memorial Scholarship (Textile Development and Marketing)
Barbara & Arnold Cohen Endowed Scholarship Breakfast 2003 Endowed Scholarship (Home Products Development)
Breakfast 2004 Endowed Scholarship (Home Products Development)
Breakfast 2005 Endowed Scholarship (Home Products Development)
Carole Sloan Scholarship (Home Products Development)
Catherine Torelli Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing majors)
Christine Pratt Home Products Alumni Scholarship (Home Products Development)
David, Ruth & Howard Israel Scholarship (Fashion Design–Children's Wear)
Dr. Leonard Florence and Sy Stewart Global Scholarship Fund (Home Products Development)
Ellis Family Endowed Scholarship (Toy Design)
European Wax Center "Unapologetic You" Scholarship (Cosmetic Fragrance and Marketing)
Felice and Al Lippert Endowed Scholarship Fund (Fashion Business Management)
George T. Dorsch Scholarship Fund (Art History)
Gokhan-Kucuk Endowed Scholarship (Liberal Arts)
Har-Even Memorial Fund
Harriet and Charles Stern Sustainable Interior Environments Research and Design Scholarship Award (Interior Design)
Henry Doneger Scholarship Fund (Fashion Business Management)
Henry Wolf Presidential Scholars Study Abroad Scholarship, Presidential Scholars Interior Design Alumni Scholarship Award (Interior Design)
ITM Departmental Scholarship Fund (International Trade and Marketing)
Jacqueline Pomeranz Memorial Scholarship (International Trade and Marketing)
Jane Scott Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing)
Jasha Ghitis Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design)
Jean LaBue Endowed Scholarship in Memory of Sophie LaBue (Fashion Design–Intimate Apparel)
Jenny Brill Scholarship Fund (Accessories Design)
Jerry & Saskia McDaniel Scholarship Fund (Communication Design)
John Szarkowski Scholarship Award in Photography
Joe Powers Memorial Scholarship Fund (Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design)
Julius H. Gewirtz Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Business Management)
Kim Pinto Scholarship (Fashion Business Management)
Lawrence J. Israel Interior Design Scholarship (Interior Design)
Lester Gribetz Endowed Scholarship (Home Products Development)
Martin Paul Kahn Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Children's Wear)
Michael and Susanna Steinberg Endowed Scholarship (Home Products Development)
Michael Fux Endowed Scholarship (Home Products Development)
New Times Group ITM Scholarship (International Trade and Marketing)
Patricia Zipprodt Endowed Scholarship (Fashion Design–Costume Design)
Saturday Live/Nancy Yedlin, Precollege Warnaco/Gromek (International Trade and Marketing)