AP: Fashion Design-Apparel (See also AF, AR, DP, FD, FF, TL)

AP 144 — Outerwear and Performance Apparel Sewing Techniques

2.5 credits; 1 lecture and 3 lab hours

Produce outerwear garments in a sample-room setting using construction techniques specific to the outerwear and performance apparel market. Special focus is on the use of technically enhanced fabrics and protective design details in the construction of rainwear, urban outerwear, skiwear, and fishing, hiking, and boating apparel.
Prerequisite(s): DP 111 or FD 131 or TL 111 or MW 141 or approval of program advisor.

AP 222 — Computer-Aided Flat Pattern Design

1 credit; 2 lab hours

Through hands-on experience, learn computer-aided design for patternmaking and understand its creative potential.
Prerequisite(s): FD 121.

AP 241 — Leather Apparel Design Room Techniques

2.5 credits; 1 lecture and 3 lab hours

Teaches construction, processing, finishing, and decorative techniques for making men's or women's leather garments. Learn about the leather apparel industry, resources, and suppliers.
Prerequisite(s): MW 141 or FD 131.

AP 242 — Haute Couture Sewing Techniques

2.5 credits; 1 lecture and 3 lab hours

The sewing techniques practiced in the finest haute couture ateliers around the world are introduced and provide the basis for understanding couture. Learn couture techniques in cutting, hand stitching, seam and hem finishes, pocket construction, pressing, and finishing.
Prerequisite(s): DP 111 or FD 133 or TL 111 or approval of program advisor.

AP 243 — Haute Couture Decorative Techniques and Embellishments

2.5 credits; 1 lecture and 3 lab hours

Expands knowledge of the couture by exploring various decorative techniques. Learn how to hand bead and apply rocailles, sequins, pearls, and faux gems on different types of fabrics. Create embellishments such as flowers and frog closures from fabric and ribbons, hand embroider original designs, and learn the arts of quilting, cartridge pleating, and trapunto.
Prerequisite(s): AP 242 or approval of chairperson.

AP 244 — Haute Couture Construction and Technology

2.5 credits; 1 lecture and 3 lab hours

Apply couture sewing methodology and construct a skirt and jacket in order to understand the fitting process, couture fabric selection, proper cutting procedures, and inner construction methods.
Prerequisite(s): AP 242 or FD 231.

AP 253 — Leather Apparel Design

2.5 credits; 1 lecture and 3 lab hours

Study the use of leather, suede, and other animal skins and apply these materials to the design principles exclusive to creating men's and women's apparel. Develop original designs utilizing draping and flat pattern industrial methods.
Prerequisite(s): FD 112 and FD 221 and (AP 241 or MW 232).

AP 275 — Haute Couture Apparel Design

3 credits; 6 lab hours

Apply knowledge of the couture to design, drape, fit, and construct a mini-collection for a particular target market. Develop styles and images through fabric sourcing, market research, and inspirational research.
Prerequisite(s): (DP 212 or FD 112) and AP 243 and AP 244.

AP 337 — Primavision Apparel Design Development

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Gain knowledge of technical line development and execution through the study and use of the software program Primavision, by Lectra Systems. Original concepts are translated into technical design factory packages ready for sample development. Emphasis is on specifications and construction details involved in woven and knit fabric development.
Prerequisite(s): FD 353 or approval of chairperson.

AP 351 — Experiencing Style

2 credits; 1 lecture and 2 lab hours

Photography students learn about the factors that influence the design and presentation of a collection. Working with Fashion Design students, they study the importance of the market, branding, trends, and the structure of the design house.
Prerequisite(s): PH 371.