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MA 081 — Mathematical Literacy

4 credits; 4 lecture hours

In this group-work based course, students integrate fluency with numbers, proportional reasoning, data interpretation, algebraic reasoning and communicating quantitative information through group problem solving and class discussions. Problems are drawn from the areas of citizenship, personal finance, and medical literacy. Students will use a scientific calculator. This course satisfies the Mathematics Proficiency requirement. It is an alternate to MA 080 Basic Mathematics.
Prerequisite(s): SAT scores of 530 or above will not require this course. ACT scores of 23 and above will not require this course.

MA: Mathematics

Mathematics Proficiency  is a requirement for the AAS degree and is a prerequisite for all mathematics and science classes. Based on placement, a student who shows need for improvement in mathematics may be required to enroll in  MA 080  or  MA 081  before registering for classes that have Mathematics Proficiency as prerequisite. Mathematics Proficiency may be demonstrated by a qualifying score on the mathematics portion of the SAT or ACT or by placement exam for students that do not have SAT or ACT scores. The Mathematics Proficiency may also be satisfied by transfer of an appropriate credit-bearing mathematics course or by a passing grade in an equivalent developmental mathematics course offered at another accredited college or university.

SC: Science required to enroll in MA 080 or MA 081 before registering for classes that...