Students at FIT have the opportunity to pursue an academic minor, a selection of courses focused on a particular discipline or a combination of disciplines. This provides a more cohesive program of study and a deeper understanding of the chosen fields. Upon successful completion of the selected courses in a minor with a 2.0 or higher GPA, the minor is recorded on the student’s transcript. There are a wide range of options, including American Studies, Asian Studies, Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies, Dance, Economics, English: Literature and/or Writing, Ethnic Dress in a Global Context, Fashion History Theory and Culture, Film and Media Studies, French, History, History of Art, International Politics, Italian, Italian Studies, Japanese, Latin American Studies, LGBTQIA Studies, Mandarin Chinese, Mathematics, Middle East and North African Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Women and Gender Studies, 3-Dimensional Design, Color Studies, Creative Technology, Design Thinking, International Trade and Marketing, and Ethics and Sustainability.

For information about Academic Minors, visit:

Students should contact the Academic Advisement Center,, to select and schedule a minor along with their major.