FT 633 — Advanced Theory: Professional Seminar

3 credits; 3 lecture hours

Research seminar focusing on a selected topic of interest within the field of fashion or textile studies. Subject and faculty may change from year to year. Topics present a significant academic challenge and require original research that leads to a substantial outcome, such as would be expected for inclusion in a professional academic conference or symposium. This advanced seminar calls upon students to use all they have learned thus far in the program to prepare a clear flowing, well-documented presentation that answers a vital question as yet unanswered in the field. An abstract of the presentation, including bibliography, will be prepared as if the student were answering a call for papers. Abstracts will be ranked by a panel of readers, including the instructor. The results and the typical judgment process will be discussed. There will be two rounds of presentations. The first will be a preliminary presentation on the chosen topic, given at the mid-term point, critiqued by fellow students and the instructor. Students will then have the opportunity to improve and revise, for a professional-level presentation at the end of the term. The final set of talks will have an audience of not only classmates but invited outside professionals as well, who will aid the instructor in the evaluation.