FD 356 — Fully-Fashioned Knit Design: Stoll M1 Plus

2 credits; 4 lab hours

Students will create Knitwear Programs through the study and hands on use of Stoll M1 Plus CAD system proprietary software. Emphasis will be placed on the construction of knitted fabrics in both single and double bed. Topics include drawing tool functions, modules, basic knit structures, jacquards, and fully fashioned garments. Working in tandem with TS 461: Weft Knit Fabrication and Finishing Techniques, students will design and develop a fully fashioned garment from concept through to a finished knitting program ready for production.
Prerequisite(s): FD 358
Corequisite(s): TS 461.

Fashion Design/Milan – Knitwear


This Fashion Design BFA program in the knitwear concentration is offered in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano. Students have a choice of attending the Milan program for either: 5th semester; 3rd year; and/or 4th year. The sequence of course offerings on this page represents two full years of study in Milan. Students attending 5th semester or 3rd or 4th year in Milan should refer to the Fashion Design New York–Knitwear program . Equivalent course substitutions offered in Milan fulfill major area course requirements. Students must complete IT 111 prior to attending the Fashion Design Program in Milan. Curriculum below is for the entering class of fall 2021.