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FD 135 — Materials and Construction (for 1-Year AAS)

3 credits; 6 lab hours

This course stresses hands-on construction, cutting, and finishing techniques for creating garment prototypes. Students are introduced to materials including cottons, wools, silks, piles and interfacing, core characteristics and handling. Visits to FIT Museum study rooms and exhibitions further opportunities to explore the influence of fabrication choices, construction details and techniques for silhouette development.

Fashion Design One-Year AAS Degree Program–Apparel Specialization

Apparel Specialization SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN Applications accepted for fall and spring.      NYSED: 00835      CIP:  50.0407 The Fashion Design one year AAS program offers qualified students the opportunity to prepare for positions as designers, assistant designers, technical designers, or stylists. Through the application of design knowledge and experiential learning, the students develop their unique sense of aesthetics. Successful students will be able to adapt and apply their acquired knowledge to the evolving fashion industry, related design fields, and other creative careers. Curriculum below is for the entering class of fall 2022. Semester 1 Credits MAJOR AREA FD 113 - Apparel Design: Structured Silhouettes 4 FD 114 - Apparel Design: Soft Silhouettes 3 FD 135 - Materials and Construction (for 1-Year AAS) 3 FF 113 - Fashion Art and Design (for 1-Year AAS) 5 FF 115 - Digital Fashion Design Studio I (for 1-Year AAS) 2 RELATED AREA FA 105 - Life Drawing or any other FA course* 1.5 Semester 2 MAJOR AREA FD 227 - Design Studio IV: Advanced Draping 3 FD 242 - Digital Fashion Design Studio II 2 FD 243 - Apparel Design Studio - Patternmaking 3 FF 114 - Model Drawing I for Fashion Designers 1 FF 212 - Visual Design Concepts IV 2 RELATED AREA TS 131 - Textile Principles for the Fashion Designer 3 TOTAL CREDIT REQUIREMENTS MAJOR AREA 28 RELATED AREA 4.5   Total Credits: 32.5