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FA 301 — Anatomy for Toy Designers

1.5 credits; 3 lab hours

For Toy Design students. Students learn the basic human bone and muscle structure and compare it to the anatomies of other living forms in order to nurture creativity and invention.

Fine Arts BFA Degree Program

School of Art and Design Applications accepted for fall only.      NYSED: 27871     CIP:  50.0702   In the Fine Arts BFA major, students join the vibrant art scene in New York and explore a wide range of creative possibilities, from traditional media to 3D design and multimedia. Students obtain internships in museums, galleries, professional printmaking studios or in art restoration companies that prepare them to assume a variety of positions in the art world as art handlers, experts in art transportation and installation, and preparators in gallery and museum settings. Curriculum below is for the entering class of fall 2023.

Fashion Design–Knitwear

...321 , FA 101 , FA 103 , FA 104 , FA...Education) HE 201 , HE 301 ; IT (Italian); JA...

Fashion Design–Sportswear

...321 , FA 101 , FA 103 , FA 104 , FA...Education) HE 201 , HE 301 ; IT (Italian); JA...

Illustration BFA Degree Program

...Education) HE 201 , HE 301 ; IT (Italian); JA...FX 261 ; Fine Arts (FA); Graphic Design (GD...