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ES 123 — English as a Second Language

2 credits; 2 lecture hours

For students who need to improve their skills in English as a second language. Instruction is given in reading and writing English, with some practice in listening and speaking. Students must register simultaneously in the corresponding section of ES 023. More than one semester of ES 023/123 may be needed. Additional ESL instruction (ES 024) is required after successful completion of ES 023/123.
Co-requisite(s): ES 023.

ES: Educational Skills

Based on the English Placement Exam, a student who shows need for improvement in writing and reading may be required to enroll for ES 133 before taking EN 121 . Students for whom English is a second language may be required to enroll in ES 123 prior to EN 121 and/or ES 024 as a co-requisite of EN 121 .