CF 683 — Graduate Seminar: Capstone Research Seminar

1.5 credits; 1.5 lecture hours

As the research survey course that prepares students for the final interdisciplinary Capstone exercise in the Master of Professional Studies degree, the Capstone Research Seminar provides a platform for the students to master and utilize traditional academic research methodologies, such as primary research analysis, qualitative research (expert interviews and field observations), and (where applicable) quantitative research to inform their Capstone research projects in their final term. Recognizing the expansion of scope of the CFMM Capstone research now published annually in academic White Papers, presented at business conferences, and covered by major press outlets, the Capstone Research Seminar will provide students with the opportunity to develop research plans, a detailed research Summary of primary research in the field of study selected annually, and synthesize expert interviews and other qualitative research vehicles. Where applicable, students will also design and field quantitative research to support their Capstone projects. The learning and outcomes of the new Capstone Research Seminar will support the development of the rigorous research deliverables produced by the students annually in CF 690: Graduate Seminar: Capstone Projects.