CF 663 — Graduate Seminar: Advanced Topics in Marketing

4 credits; 4 lecture hours

This seminar is designed to cultivate business acumen about the consumer, brands, categories, channels and markets from the consumer and corporate marketing management points of view, with a focus on consumer products within and outside of the beauty industry. This course promotes innovative and disruptive thinking, through the process of critical analysis and problem solving around current marketing issues, emerging trends, predictions and implications. It includes guest speakers, industry case studies, and workshops, and a US field study component to one or more markets outside the tri-state area, to engage the students outside the classroom in order to explore the role of technology firms, private equity and disrupter entrepreneurs that impact CPG commercial channels and product innovation. This course provides a forum for critical analysis of local and global marketing issues and the identification of new opportunities in product marketing and value creation. It includes oral presentations, written assignments and extensive teamwork.