CF 533 — Patterning Global Markets

4 credits; 4 lecture hours

This intensive overseas seminar provides an opportunity to research individual country markets by gathering consumer insights data, analyzing brand case studies, qualitative interviews with global business leaders, and market field visits to retailers and other influential consumer business models. Students will gather relevant data and perform onsite research as part of a structured exercise in “how to pattern a market.” During the country market visits of their field study, students will examine the global implications of current marketing and management issues in the beauty (and related) industries and prepare a field observation report that specifically addresses a particular product sector, consumer sector, or retail channel across all overseas markets visited, and in comparison to the US market.

Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management

The 42.5-credit, part-time program in Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management is recognized as a think tank for training fast-track professionals to assume greater management responsibilities within their respective companies. The program is designed to provide students with high-level management capabilities and the interdisciplinary, global perspective sought by today’s industry. Traditional business courses in leadership, consumer behavior, finance, international business, and marketing are combined with industry-specific offerings in product innovation and creative management.