CF 530 — Consumer Insights

2 credits; 2 lecture hours

The ability to develop actionable insights about consumers in the beauty and personal care industries is one of the most important aspects of strategic brand management today. Students will learn how to design and implement market research, and to identify and explain new and cutting-edge techniques for studying consumer behavior such as ethnographic studies, trend and future forecasting, digital/social media data gathering, and big data. This course covers qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, the logic of scientific inquiry, the use of secondary information sources and database management, as well as data analysis, devising actionable insights and the preparation of executive management research reports and presentations. Students will analyze, synthesize and evaluate learnings by conducting actual qualitative and quantitative consumer market research in the field and through in-person and digital surveys, and be able to derive conclusions and consumer insights that can be applied and incorporated into strategic brand management and marketing activities in the beauty industry. Managers will learn how to influence and steer appropriate research plans and methodologies within their own companies, divisions or brands, including the operational and financial components of these activities.